05 September 2016

Bila'am's Plan In A New Guise

3 Elul 5776

Until now, we assumed that the non-Jews we were referring to would be the righteous among the nations - those who observe the Sheva Mitzvot because God commanded it. Even from them we must be separated, although as Rabbi Kahane said, "...we must treat kindly and decently and with love all gentiles who have accepted the minimal laws of civilization, the seven Noahide laws."

But, if even from these righteous non-Jews we must be separated, how much more so those who make no secret of the fact that they are believers in and followers of a false religion and a false god?

Wicked Jews (probably Erev Rav) are going out in the name of all of us to make forbidden alliances with just such non-Jews.

Here is a short excerpt from a video posted to Youtube (about 6 weeks ago) by Set Apart Mountain Ministries with Dr. David Ben Israel interviewing Hanoch Young who is identified as the "Representative of Judah":
DBI: So, Hanoch is with United to Restore and Kol Yehuda. So, I should just say [this series] really addresses the Messianic Community. I normally interview different Messianic teachers about their ministries. Now, Hanoch, you are an Orthodox Jew from Israel. I, while having Jewish blood, would be considered by many Jews to be a gentile, as a messianic believer in Yeshua. Aren't we supposed to be at odds with one another? Why in the world would the two of us sit down together and break bread on Shabbat?
HY:  Well, I think a great place to start would be the issue of whether or not you are a gentile. The reason I am here in this community and we're meeting today is because I believe that the people here are not gentiles, but rather lost Israel, part of Ephraim, part of the former Northern Kingdom of Israel that was dispersed. And it's only been in the last three decades that people like yourself have been woken up to this possibility that they, too, are part of Israel. Not Jewish, but part of Israel. And the reason we should be together, getting to know each other, is that this is the time in history for the reconciliation and restoration of all of Israel.
HY:  I've been traveling to the US now three to four times a year speaking to Ephraimite [Messianic] congregations and fellowships throughout the US. Within the last half a year, I also traveled to Germany. The Bnei Yosef Congress* that was in Israel, in Ariel, in 2015, which was a great move towards getting Ephraim focused on the elements of restoration of the nation. Also, had a European group from it that had a conference in...Germany. I've also traveled to Sri Lanka teaching an Ephraimite community there.... For a living, I'm a licensed tour guide. I guide throughout Israel. Now, among my guiding, sort of the gem of all we do is the Connect to Israel Tour that I do in combination with Mike Clayton. Mike and I have designed this tour to connect Ephraim back to their homeland, to be able to connect you with the Jewish people in the Land of Israel, ancient and modern, literally with he and I, having Ephraim and Judah as your guides taking you through the land with a Tanach in hand... I became a tour guide to be able to help Ephraim become reacquainted with their homeland.
DBI: From your observation looking in at the Messianic community, what would you say is the biggest issue facing that community today?
HY:  The biggest challenge facing Ephraim today is they need to decide whether they simply want to remain a part of a new denomination or whether they want to be part of the process of reconciliation for all of Israel and that's really the struggle. And it really ties in with what we said before about mutual respect because if you can't accord your Jewish brothers and sisters the same respect from them for their beliefs that you're expecting for yours, then you really don't want to be part of the restoration of all of Israel....
In other words, "Judah" is allowed to remain traditionally Jewish [the fact that he must emphasize this indicates the desire of "Ephraim" to convert "Judah"] while "Ephraim", the messianic gentile xians, get to keep worshipping their man-god idol and they can missionize gentiles as long as they don't try to change the Jews.
This is reminiscent of Bila'am's inspired plot to curse Israel by arousing Hashem's anger against us. How is this "coming together" with those non-Jews really any different than "coming together" with these non-Jews? 
The Midianites had correctly identified Israel’s weak point: having tried and failed to hire the Gentile prophet Bil’am (Balaam) to curse them, they instead took his advice and sent their womenfolk to seduce the Jewish men (see Numbers 31:16).
“[Bil’am] said to them [the Midianites]: The God of these ones hates sexual immorality, and they crave linen. Come, I’ll give you some advice: Make tents for them and put harlots inside – an old woman outside and a girl inside, and sell them linen garments…” (Sanhedrin 106a). And then follows a long and detailed account of how the Midianite women and girls seduced the Jewish men, and used their powers of seduction to entice the Jews into idolatry.
Bil’am’s ploy succeeded to a frightening extent: “The nation began to commit harlotry with the daughters of Moab, and they called on the nation to sacrifice to their gods; the nation ate and bowed to their gods. Israel became attached to Ba’al-Pe’or, and Hashem’s fury flared against Israel… And those who died in the plague were 24,000” (Numbers 25:1-9).
Tanchuma, Balak 18, also tells us how it went down:
" [A Moabite girl lures an Israelite into her store.] Following that the girl says [to the Israelite], 'You are like one of the family. Sit! Choose what you like!' and a jug of Ammonite wine is sitting by her. The wine of the nations had not yet been prohibited [later on, our sages forbade their wine to prevent intermarriage, wine being a factor in generating intimacy]. The girl comes out in jewelry and perfume, and entices him, saying, 'Why do we love you but you hate us? Take this vessel for free! Surely we are all decendents of one man, Terach, father of Abraham.' "
And it is all for the purpose of mixing with us and blurring the boundaries that HKB"H established in order to ultimately assimilate us and thereby destroy us. 

From Bamidbar Rabba 20:22 :

"Most of those who sinned with the Midyanite girls and worshiped the Ba'al Peor came from the airev rav. The seeds of impure desire had never been completely eradicated from their hearts. They were now weeded out from the pure stock of K'lal Yisrael through the test of Peor and the punishment that followed."
Right now, we're still at the stage of being invited into the tent. The intimate inter-relations and shared worship of a false god is not far off. Especially when so many rabbis today are praising the man-god Yeshu as a "good Orthodox Jew" in his time!

As we await the revelation of Melech HaMashiachHKB"H is presenting us with "tests" to "weed out" those who are undeserving because of their unfaithfulness to Him. In their minds and in their hearts, they've strayed from Him. They are attached to their Christian or Muslim "brothers" and through them to the strange gods. 

If these Jews refuse to separate from the non-Jews, then the least we can do is separate from them. As it says in this week's Parashat Shoftim: "...and you shall destroy the evil from your midst."

*[From the linked website for the Bnei Yosef Congress] "...For the restoration of the House of Yosef to proceed, we must first have a change of heart. Ephraim must repent of the desire to rule the house of Jacob; he must humbly return as a servant and not aspire to a kingly position. His role is a New Covenantpriestly” one, to bring righteousness to the House of YHVH/Jacob through the New Covenant established by his High Priest and Redeemer, Yeshua the Messiah."

"...We need to continue to gently but actively encourage our brothers in the traditional Christian church to examine the Hebrew roots of the faith, and to heed the call of the Ruach HaKodesh as He moves in their hearts to bring them to a fuller understanding of who they are in the Father’s plan of redemption."



  1. And when they use our 'real Rabbis' to further their agenda, it's beyond scary. There are too many unafiliated jews who would never see between the fine lies of true and falsified information. As you can see below:



  2. It was foreseen by our Sages that at the end of times will be a great confusion, which will proceed of the coming of Mashiach. Apparently, this is the ultimate test, to make a choice of eternity and choose life. (Parsha Reeh). The evil side also knows that this type of period is coming, so they don’t want the crisis go to waste. It was in the letter of Alfred Pike, that this opportunity will be used to lure humanity is serving avoda zorah. We all wandering, how is it possible many Jewish people buying into the idea of 10 lost tribes, Ger Toshav claiming their inheritance and adjusting their orthodox lifestyle to become “like other nations.” You should listen to the conversation of Lubavitch Rebbe and Cristian Jew, who came to meet the Rebbe and presented his New Age book https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gF5eSyikHUQ In this dialog the Rebbe tells him that his has a miserable life and he is sick in his head and spirit. That is all about, this is a spiritual sickness, which makes people go astray. ZOHAR explains this to the point: that R Shimon said : “ Let me say a word, among those that was revealed to me in a whisper from by the head of the Academy in the Garden of Eden which I was told not to repeat openly. This word was told me in secret, but I shall now reveal it to you, my beloved children, children whom my soul loves! What can I do? It was told to me in a whisper, but I will tell it to you openly; and when [the days of Messiah come] when we shall see it “face to face”. R Shimon wept and said: My sons, that sin which Erev Rav committed, and in which the holy people participated, was a sin against the Mother (the attribute of Binah, also identified with the supernal Shekhinah), as is written,”Come, let us make us a gods” (Shmot 32:1) — Elohim, specifically, that is, the Glory of Israel, which had rested upon them like a mother upon her children. This is the secret of the verse: “They changed their glory for a resemblance of an ox that eats grass” (Psalms 106:20). This is the Glory of Israel, their mother! Therefore it says, “the glory has departed” because they caused the Shekhinah to go into exile with them. And for this “They changed their glory.” For what? “The resemblance of an ox.”” (Zohar II:190b-191a). When constructs of the mind are incorrect, this brings foolish thinking (Tumah) on the sefirotic source of Mind, which is the sefirat Binah. The sefirotic Face of Binah is called Imma Ila’ah (the Supernal Mother). Therefore, when the Erev Rav caused a great mental confusion and the machshavot zarot of the intellect, they blemished the power and function of Mind/Binah/Imma above and let that occupied by the LILIT.

  3. Well, mental confusion is everywhere. Not just our environment , which contaminated with radiation, microwaves from cellphones, Wi-Fi, chemtrails, but also the food is poisonous with GMO, mutant veggies and meat grown in the lab. If you think you have best Hashgach you covered in Kashrut observance, but in many cases it is not so. How you can put hashgacha on the bottled water with fluoride? It’s already official, (http://wakingscience.com/2016/02/fluoride-officially-classified-as-a-neurotoxin-in-worlds-most-prestigious-medical-journal/) that fluoride causes mental retardation and significant drop in IQ. Well, it’s easier to fool the fool.
    It reminds me a story about the king and his vizier. They learned from the stars that the next crop will be poisonous and whoever will eats from this will go mentally retarded. So they gathered all the remaining crop from the last year but it wasn’t enough to sustain themselves for the all-time. Seeing, their country go nuts, they knew at least that they are sane but at one point, all the previous year crop was consumed and they faced with dilemma, to eat a new crop or die from starvation. So, they decided to eat a new crop but they put a big red line on the wall, as the reminder, that this is a not a reality but insanity they are going through until the next year crop will grow. That is what we have to do, checking our sanity with Torah. And whoever, is trying to add to the Torah, actually subtracts. It’s like an extra chromosome, makes a person mentally retarded. I can go on and on, but anyway, sorry for the long post, just wanted to connect with what the Dvorah was blogging.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing all this, Chana.