15 September 2016


12 Elul 5776

Some men achieve greatness in this life - as it is measured by the world. Some people are dazzled by this perceived "greatness", the celebrity of such men, whether they be successful businessmen, statesmen, politicians, or anyone who commands headlines in the mass media. Every kind of grace is granted to such a person in situations where a lesser man would be held to a different standard.

One such man is the former Deputy Defense Minister, former Minister of Immigrant Absorption, former Minister of Transportation, former Information Minister, former Minister of Defense, former Prime Minister, former Minister of Finance, former Foreign Minister, former Minister of Regional Cooperation, former President of Israel, founder of the Peres Center for Peace: Shimon Peres.

Director General of the Defense Ministry during the Ringworm Children Affair and the Yemenite Children Affair, the Prime Minister of Israel who ordered the betrayal of Jonathan Pollard, the Israeli Foreign Minister who secretly (and illegally) negotiated with the PLO and signed the Oslo Accords, who brokered the transfer of Jerusalem to the Vatican, the Vice Premier of Israel who enabled the Expulsion of Jews from Gaza, Retired President of Israel who advocates the expulsion of Jews from Judea and Samaria, promoter of a World Religion with the Pope at its head: Shimon Peres.

Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, recipient of honorary knighthood, Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St Michael and St George from Queen Elizabeth II in Buckingham Palace in London, who is suspected of having a hand in the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin as well as the false accusations against and unjust imprisonment of former President Moshe Katsav: Shimon Peres.

This Shimon Peres was struck down by a stroke a week after getting a pacemaker implanted. The secular date was September 13, 2016 - 23 years to the day (September 13, 1993) of the signing of the Oslo Accords on the White House lawn.

Rabbis are calling for the Israeli public to say prayers for his full and quick recovery. I have assembled a few verses of scripture to be read on his behalf:

1. For every deed God will bring to judgment - for every hidden thing, whether good or bad. (Koheleth 12:14)

2. Men of evil do not understand judgment, but those who seek the Lord understand everything. (Mishlei 28:5)

3. For You are not a God Who desires wickedness; evil does not abide with You. (Tehillim 5:5)

4. Evil will kill the wicked, and those who hate the righteous shall be accounted guilty. (Tehillim 34:22)

5. You destroy speakers of lies; the Lord abhors a man of blood and deceit. (Tehillim 5:7)

6. A ruler who lacks understanding is a great oppressor,.... (Mishlei 28:16)

7. Your enemies will be clothed with shame, and the tent of the wicked shall be no more. (Iyov 8:22)

8. When the wicked rise up, people hide; but when they perish, the righteous increase. (Mishlei 28:28)

IMHO: As the fate of Shimon Peres goes, so goes the fate of the Erev Rav.


  1. Just like hitlery clinton when she sold-out many good american people for suffering and supporting trump and how she got ill on sep 11 (world trade center memorial day) which was embarrasing... Is this a sign that all the people who support them, represent them, follow them, and stand with them will all fall with them in the end l-rd willing? Hillary is the biggest evil influence in america right now and a huge thief and monster and hopefully it will all be their end and also the nazi zionists and all the erev rav. Is shimon peres a huge representative of all the evil in israel? It is soo great that this difficult journey is almost over and the whole planet will be redeemed and healed again. This is not a coincidence that this is happening

  2. You left something out. Isn't he also suspected of having something to do with Sharon's collapse into coma - something about their having tea together right before it happened? P.E.


    To which I quote from here:

    Speaking Lashon Hara About a Heretic

    The prohibition against speaking Lashon Hara applies when spoken about someone who is considered “amitecha” (of your people), namely in observance of Torah and mitzvot. However, regarding those who are recognizably “apikorsim” (heretics), it is a mitzvah (fulfillment of a positive commandment) to disparage and shame them, to their face and behind their back, for everything that one witnesses or hears about them.

    The Torah states (Lev. 25:17 & Lev. 19:16) “One should not wrong his fellow” and “Do not act as a talebearer among your people,” but heretics do not fit under this category for they do not act as “your people.” Therefore, we follow the practice (as taught in Avot D’Rabbi Natan, a work from the Talmudic era), “those who hate you, L-rd, I will hate, and your rebellious ones I will dispute.”

    An “apikorus” (heretic) is one who denies the laws and prophecies of Israel, whether the Written Law or Oral Law. Even if he says, “All the Torah is true with the exception of one Scriptural verse, kal v’chomer, g’zeira shava, or one grammatical detail,” he is included in this category. [“Kal v’chomer” and “g’zeira shava” are Talmudic terms for two of the logical principles from which we understand many laws.]

    *Important note: there is a large in-between category not mentioned in this paragraph, namely those who do not observe – or even commit some sins – but without the malicious intent of heresy. Lashon Hara against someone in this middle category is forbidden. The purpose of these laws permitting speech against an actual heretic is not for a community to degenerate into nasty name-calling, but rather to protect itself against the influence of those who flagrantly do not care about the image they set for the community and even intentionally wish to destroy it.

    Determining Whether Someone is Considered an Apikorus

    [The permissibility to speak against an apikorus (heretic)] applies if one heard words of heresy directly from an individual. However, if he heard the heresy second hand, he is forbidden to speak against the person, whether in his presence or behind his back. Rather, he should suspect the person as an apikorus, and also warn others to stay away from him until the matter is clarified. Further, he should not believe in his heart that the information is true, according to the laws against accepting Lashon Hara discussed in chapter 6.

    Verification is required when one hears that an ordinary person has spoken heresy, but if the person is a publicly confirmed heretic one may speak Lashon Hara about him as if he heard the heresy himself.

    When there are public calls for prayer on behalf of this "tzadik's" well-being, people need to be reminded (or informed) of how much precious Jewish blood is on his hands.

  4. Hoping this is a good sign of the geulah speeding up.


  5. What its writen here it's so terrible that I cant fully believe it. The ringworm children, and the visit to the Holly father"!!!? I didn't know, or perhaps my heart can't believe it. Your response about lash on hara is like a cut of a knife. Apikoros?,! .It makes sense. But I like to think that reality is more complex that I can understand. I can see with my eyes and here with my ears, things that seem wrong but I can't judge my fellow Jew. Finally for now sorry for my writing because English is not my lenguage

  6. It was Moshe Sharett (2nd pm of Israel) that said that if he ever got into power, Israel would have to tear kriah because it will be in mourning for all the tzarot he would bring.


  7. Shimon Peres is discussed in this talk by Dr. Yitzchak Kerem in our Root and Branch Association Lecture at the OU Israel Center "R&B Lecture: Dr. Y Kerem on "Kidnapping of Yemenite, Iraqi, North African, & Balkan Jewish Babies" - this confirms what Devash is writing above. Shavua Tov from Jerusalem, Aryeh Yosef https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gwl5Q9bbP_4

  8. Not so long time a go a couple lost Batsheva.
    The first shabbat of this September, another Bat Sheva came into their dream to let them see the Beit Din waiting, all the witnesses 'ready'...
    The threshing floor is ready. The klipot are so heavy, that in this case, they will not fly into the air, but fall, deep down, to be burned in nothing.
    This will be your day, Bat Sheva.
    No one will silence you anymore.