15 September 2016

Parashat Ki Teitze 5776

13 Elul 5776
Erev Shabbat Kodesh

Parashat Ki Teitze opens with these words: "When you will go out to war against your enemies...."

But, what about the enemy who claims to be your "friend"?

The Judean Hammer

Mike Huckabee is often regarded as a friend of Jews and of the State of Israel. Yet what kind of friend desires your conversion? Answer: Only an evangelical one, whose purported friendship is a friendship in name only. Meet the real man. The missionary behind the friendly face.(h/t JewishIsrael, for their recent post on Huckabee.)

Disclaimer: The Judean Hammer is not affiliated with JewishIsrael, nor do our views necessarily reflect their positions.