21 September 2016

War Talk

19 Elul 5776

Four Flash Points That Could Trigger World War III: “We Have Not Been This Close To Nuclear War In A Long Time”

As can readily be seen by the current events, the world has not been this close to a nuclear war and World War 3 in a long time. There are four major flashpoints right now that could easily escalate and ignite a powder keg, transforming from a regional conflict or conflicts into a world war: Syria, the South China Sea, Ukraine, and North and South Korea. The “reconstruction” of a Cold War-type faceoff, initiated by the U.S. and NATO building up forces in Eastern Europe and facing off against Russia.

A nuclear war will be initiated by an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) detonation over the continental U.S., followed by a nuclear exchange and a war with conventional forces.

As of this writing, the U.S. has “mistakenly” bombed Syrian governmental military forces, causing at least 60 deaths with more than 100 others wounded. The Russian government is sizzling, especially with the response by (of all people) Samantha Power, U.S. Ambassador to the UN....

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  1. There are so many different directions this could go. The element that exists that many are still unaware of, and on the other hand, many are aware of is the false flag.
    I do not put it past certain "leaders" , or rather dictators, to make a false flag scenario and put millions in harm's way at the very least. Turbulence ahead. Get out your siddurim....

  2. There is a video of a Rabi urging people to do teshuva and speaks about Korea. I remember him calling Seoul like Sheol. I searched the video but couldn't find it. Maybe you or one f your readers can.

  3. Adding to the list, the increasingly beligerant encounters between the US and Iranian navy. Iran's posturing and threats of reducing Tel Aviv and Haifa to dust are pathetic. Hashem will make them eat their words soon enough. Guaranteed to get ugly. Ms.AP

    1. Tel aviv and haifa are not based on israel and judaism nor is any of it for the great jews so they can burn down along with all the wicked internationals and all the erev rav and all the new developments amen. Tel aviv is israel's modern sodom and gomorroh.

    2. Looks like 15-yr-old Natan's near death experience last year is being fullfilled down to the smallest details.

    3. Jack it is not helpful to judge your fellow yid. That is Hashem's job. It is Elul so let us all engage in Ahaval Yisrael and not in baseless hate towards our fellow. This is how we lost our Beis Hakmidash. Devash, do you agree? Ms. AP

    4. I see both points of view.

      Jack is not speaking of his "fellow", but rebels against Hashem Yitbarach. And he is halachicly correct in hating the enemies of Hashem. This is not baseless hatred. At the same time, Tel Aviv, despite its mayor's expressed desire to be the "Homosexual Capital of the World", most certainly has more then ten righteous people living in it, so it's not quite Sodom and Gomorrah.

      However, if I had my way about it, I'd move all the righteous people to safety (as I did in my book) and go with Jack and say, "Clean house, Hashem!"

    5. This exchange between Jack and Ms. AP is exactly what I've been talking about, this going to extremes. It's much easier to go to one mode and sit there - all love or all hate. But we HAVE TO FIND THE BALANCE and that is much, much harder. It takes constant attention and adjustment to the changing circumstances, like a tightrope walker balancing with a pole.

      We are commanded to love our brothers and hate our enemies. And to do that we have to know who is who. If we take the time and trouble to learn, the Torah teaches us. But, enough with the extremism already!

      And no, I won't post comments which contradict what I'm sharing because if I didn't believe what I was saying is the truth, I wouldn't be going to all this trouble to put it out there for people. Why then go and undo what I've done with the result that people come away even more confused by the mixing of truth and lie just to stroke people's egos?

      There is no such thing as a free marketplace of ideas according to Torah law. There is no merit, as the Xians keep preaching to us, in putting all the information (wrong and right) out there and letting people decide for themselves what they want to believe.

      I'm truly sorry if people get hurt feelings. Every day, I question the value of even allowing comments. If anyone has a question about why their comment was not published, he or she is most welcome to email me (tdnjslm@gmail.com) for an explanation. I assure you it is not at all arbitrary.

      Sometimes I hold a comment for a bit to think it over before I decide. When it's borderline, I go ahead and publish. But, I want to assure all the readers that I take this responsibility very seriously. And I beg your patience and indulgence and yes, forgiveness, where any of you feel he was wronged by any decision I made here with regard to comment publication.

      Shabbat shalom!

  4. There are a number of neighborhoods in Tel Aviv that have religious Jews and there are whole sections in Haifa and its suburbs that have religious/very relgious Jews living there. Even the Vishnitz Chasidim has a community there, so we are not allowed to say what jack intimated. H' knows who the bad guys are everywhere and since TA/Haifa, etc. are all part of today's medina which is a golus in itself, HE knows who is who, just like in the diaspora. We must be careful not to indict the good living within the bad places because that would be the whole wide world. nili

  5. Ms. AP, you've had your say. If you want to continue to scold for what YOU perceive to be a wrongdoing (who is being judgmental now?), you'll have to find another way to do it.

  6. Every time I try to point out the difference between right and wrong, the liberal left and atheist "jews" point out how I'm so judgmental and how we need to unite and have ahavas chinam and all that to build the Beis Hamikdash! Such nonsense! No one can stand to hear mussar anymore, and that's exactly why we need it the most!