08 September 2016

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5 Elul 5776

Another beautiful and inspiring video from Devorah Esther...

And from frequent and valued commenter Inon...

Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb
Eretz Yisrael and the Geulah

Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb
Israel in the Cross-hairs - How the New Wave of Anti-Semitism Effects Us and What We Can Do About It


  1. Yes, that's right. What it's saying is what the (don't get scared) Zen Masters say about "Enlightenment". Before "Enlightenment" chop wood and draw water. After "Enlightenment" chop wood and draw water. Abraham gave "gifts" to his sons from Keturah and sent them to The East. Our Sages teach that these "gifts" were Gifts of Spiritual Awareness and we can still find them buried like diamonds in the Religions of the East, Hinduism and Buddhism (buried under all the Other stuff) - so I'm citing this saying of some of the Teachers of the East. Now, back to The Point, before Geula pray, study and do good deeds. AFTER Geula pray, study and do good deeds. The DIFFERENCE - After Geula (not all at once, but slowly and steadily) NO more war, poverty, physical or mental illness, murder, theft, rape, Jew- and Israel- hatred, YES the Third and Final Temple, Restored Monarchy and Regathered Twelve Tribes ... BUT the Routine of a Torah-based Spiritual Life GOES ON. Forever.

  2. Lowell – the “gifts” were kishufim (Rashi: sorcery, magic). Nullifying Kishufim By HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok. Rashi on Parshas Chayei Sarah, 25:1-6. Avraham sent the ‘other’ children of Ketura away, this did not include Yishmael. He did so, so these other children would not contest the good, “all that he had." he gave to Yitzchak.

  3. http://www.jewishtreats.org/2011/11/abrahams-other-sons.html "The Torah states that before his death, 'Abraham gave all that he had to Isaac. But to the sons of the concubines, that Abraham had, Abraham gave GIFTS; and he sent them away from Isaac his son, while he yet lived, eastward, unto the east country' (Genesis 25:5-6). This verse underscores that Abraham clearly recognized the difference between his sons and made Isaac his primary heir.

    ONE FASCINATING MIDRASH associated with this verse defines the 'gifts' that Abraham gave to the sons of Keturah as being GIFTS OF SPIRITUALITY. Although they did not absorb their father’s lessons in absolute monotheism, they apparently, were able to tap into and understand some basic and mystical concepts of spirituality".

  4. Neshama - absolutely right! All avodah zorah is 'impure' (tumah), the other side. Only the Torah is kadosh. That's why once Moshiach is here, there will only be the Yehudim and those keeping the Sheva Mitzvot of Noach.


  5. Devash, a very moving video, nicely put together.

    1. It's the work of Devorah Esther. Not me.