25 September 2016

"Can Gentiles Repent?"

23 Elul 5776

Rav Richter Shiur -- Can Gentiles Repent? (Part 1)

Rav Richter Shiur -- Can Gentiles Repent (Parts 2 and 3)


  1. Yes, I am anxious to see where he goes with this, because despite how it initially appears from the sources he is bringing, I know the truth and I trust Rav Richter that when we get to the end of the shiur, he will have sorted out the truth of the matter. There's got to be more to the story. I only had time to hear half of part 1 yesterday. But, I don't imagine that you listened to any of it.

    As I've said before, this blog is intended for a Jewish readership. And Rav Richter's Torah shiur is intended for Jewish ears. There is no way you are going to understand or sympathize with the Jewish perspective on things. WE ARE DIFFERENT.

    Gentiles can be righteous human beings and earn a share in the world to come. That is known and accepted and appreciated by every God-fearing Jew. But we have a right to our corner of the internet to discuss things our way without you gentiles trying to take over everything and make it all about yourselves.

  2. Well said Devash. We do have a right. Gentiles should stick to Noahide sites if they can't deal with the Torah presented on Jewish sites. Anonymiss

  3. If anyone wants to jump ahead for the answer and then go back and view from the beginning, see minute mark 47:00 on Part 1.