22 September 2016

Has Man Become His Own God?

20 Elul 5776

For what it's worth, I think the "signs" connected to the Freedom Tower are harbingers of judgment. Look out New York!


  1. This stuff is so overrated. They spend billions on these projects and you walk in and say, OK, cute. Then it gets boring real fast.

  2. Very well said Devash. Now we are seeing the proof of how Nimrod and his cohorts are back again building the Tower of Babel because they think they don't need G-D and think of themselves as gods. The technology has gone to their heads not understanding that H' gave them the wherewithal to get to this point only so that HE will bring them down hard. The insanity of their goals is just that and many people are already beginning to see that.

    As far as the light from the Tower, this light has been used since 9/11 on its anniversary as a memorial; that other thing that seems to be on top of it is something new; what it means who knows. Rainbows are a bad omen. Most people don't understand that.

    This is why Chazal tell us that at the end of days, there will be G-Dlessness, which we are already witnessing, as many of the avoda zorahs are losing their grip on the non-Jewish world, and, r'l, even with secular Jews (we know their religion is 'liberalism'). Soon the world will know that all their machinations were for nought and they will realize that there is only H' Who is in total control of everything.


  3. Replies
    1. Maybe I got it wrong, but I understood from the video that this "figure" was not visible by sight, but showed up in the picture after the camera caught the image.

      I was thinking like the globes or orbs that are picked up by digital cameras which might be disembodied souls floating around. Maybe the camera was able to visualize something the human eye can't at this time.

      But, true, the holographic thing crossed my mind, too.

  4. So then how will we really know when Moshiach comes? It may be a holographic show provided by the evil global elite?

    1. It's an important question and that's why it's so necessary to separate ourselves from this universalist trend that's creeping more and more into Judaism today.

      The globalist's "mashiach" (if they actually pull it off) will come for the whole world and will say all religions have a valid path to God.

      Our Mashiach is coming for US: "Uva goel l'tzion, ul'shavei pesha b'Ya'aqov... - A redeemer shall come to Zion and to those of Jacob who repent from willful sin...."

      The fact that the righteous gentiles will benefit as well does not take away from the fact that the redemption is primarily for US, not them. They are a sideshow. We are the main attraction, so to speak.