20 September 2016

Even Obama Sees We're in the Midst of Birur

18 Elul 5776

Barak Obama reportedly said in his speech at the UN today: "...there appears to be a growing contest between authoritarianism and liberalism right now."

In other words, between Law and Order (Hashem's) and chaos/anything-goes (NWO).He's right! In one word - birur.


  1. Obama just made a speech saying that Israel cannot occupy Palestinian land anymore... Every single word of this statement is falsehood- even the speaker..

    1. Not only his words, but one must look carefully at his face, his eyes, and the length of time he took between making that statement and the next. And, also realize that the next statement was connected to the previous. Now we have all the nations publicly stating their readiness to impose a "solution" upon us, with the french demanding that it be completed this week. The world is standing at check-mate. What will HKBH do next? Major teshuva time!

  2. Good catch. Things are moving fast. May it be b'kalut and b'rachamim! nili

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  4. Spain 1936 - World "Powers" Test Weapons Systems Prelude to World War Two; Syria 2016 - World "Powers" Test Weapons Systems Prelude to World War Three?