28 September 2016

Can Gentiles Repent (Part 4)

26 Elul 5776


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  2. Devash,

    Thank you for posting these shiurim. I left shituf in 1999 and this question has burned in my heart ever since. I know your site is for Jewish readers, but I read it because I want to know the truth, whether it is flattering or painful to me. I know that Judaism is the truth. I try to limit my learning to the seven laws, but I desperately wanted to know if teshuvah was possible for a gentile. Truly, I did not know how it could be since the punishment for breaking the seven laws for a gentile is death. Some of the things the holy rabbi said were comforting. The most important thing is that he is telling the truth. May Hashem permit me and my two children to convert one day, until then, May Hashem bless you and I ask you, so close to Rosh Hashanah, to forgive me for reading your blog. I need the truth and some of the noahide sites mix in shituf or water down the true status of the Chosen People. Better to hear the truth, even if it hurts. May Hashem inscribe and seal you for a wonderful abundant new year.

    1. Honestly, there is nothing to forgive. Everyone is welcome to read this blog. Only, it is geared towards..., written primarily for... Jews without consideration for how it will affect any gentiles reading it.

      I still have not found the time to finish the series, but what I did get to was very informative. The truth is everything. And the pursuit of it is one of the highest human goals.

      There is always more room under the wings of the Shekhinah HaKedoshah. Hashem should make your path successful - in the coming year - and every year, until you fulfill your mission in this world.

    2. Thank you so much, Devash.