14 September 2016

Are the Charges Justified? (Final)

12 Elul 5776

(Part 1, Part 2)

Imagine this scenario. A public social media page purporting to represent a Jewish Community features an article about a signing ceremony of some "agreement" that their representatives made with an African non-Jew who is described prominently in the article itself as "VP of the Africa-Israel Initiative".
...the head of the House of Jacob and VP of the Africa Israel Initiative signs a partnership agreement with______ head of______ and______ the founder of Israel Africa Hub and coordinator for Africa outreach for______ for the purpose of building a center for Israel Africa relations in ....
A search of this same social media returns a page for this organization which clearly shows it to be a Xian organization. And not just any Xian organization, but one which wants to bind itself to Israel specifically. 

Now, it was not me who chose to characterize this non-Jewish party to the signing as the "VP of the Africa-Israel Initiative". If he is no longer associated with it or its mission, why mention it.? Why make the connection?

The fact that the question arises does not in any way imply an accusation. It just suggests the need for further information. I promised the readers to try to get to the bottom of it. You have seen the results of my initial attempts in part 1 of this series of blog posts.

Following is some additional information which has come to light. It is in the form of a podcast entitled "It is Time for Africa to Connect to the Truth". It was published on the Israel Rising website on 29 August 2016 - a mere two weeks ago. Underneath the audiofile, it says the following...
______ speaks with (African non-Jew), founder of the House of Jacob, the Shabbat Fellowship, and Vice President of the Africa Israel Initiative on his personal journey and his thoughts on the future of Africa Israel relations.
There it is again - "Vice President of the Africa Israel Initiative".

It comes up again in the first 1:30 minutes of the podcast...
Hi everybody. This is_____, founder of______. I'm here in the______ with a special guest, a good friend of mine, (African non-Jew), a resident of Johannesburg, leader of the Shabbat Fellowship and originally was from Nigeria, from Biafra. And he moved on to Johannesburg twelve years ago and he is also the Vice President of the Africa-Israel Initiative, which is a continental-wide pro-Israel initiative from sub-Sahara, Africa and it's a tremendous, tremendous organization. I had the opportunity to speak at one of their conferences in Ghana and that's how (African non-Jew) and I met. And he's a tremendous individual, inspiring, and we had just spent the day in _______ together in the region where I live, south of ______. And it's a beautiful experience seeing the Biblical roots of Israel where it all began from over here overlooking the Dead Sea all the way over overlooking the Cave of the Patriarchs. Everywhere we go and walk down here is a holy place and the dirt is holy. And (African non-Jew) is here, he's joined us, he joined us for Shabbat and he's here with us now. (African non-Jew), thank you for coming down here. It's been a pleasure being with you today, learning with you and connecting with you and uh, you're an inspiring person.
DISCLAIMER: No one is trying to imply that the Jews who were party to this agreement with the African non-Jew share the beliefs or mission of the Africa-Israel Initiative or that they approve of it or sympathize with it in any way. God forbid! The point simply needs to be made, that all Jews and especially those in Eretz Yisrael must begin following Torah and halachah with regard to forming relationships and alliances with non-Jews. It can't be that "every man does what is right in his own eyes." 

From the Africa-Israel Initiative website:


The fulfillments of the prophetic word are already happening in our time. Israel became a nation state again in 1948, and has since then become a source of innovation, development, security and blessing to the whole world. Africa is being transformed to the new center of Christianity, and will encompass the moral and ethical clarity to the global society as the fruits of years of revival throughout the sub-Saharan regions are being integrated into business, politics, industry and national and church leadership. In this time of history it is crucial for the churches to raise the importance of the state of Israel and the Jewish people to the community, and remember the words spoken to Abraham thousands of years ago: “Those who bless you I will bless.”

It is time for Africa to rise! It is time for Africa to claim: We have the blessing power! It is time to join with Gods people and release into Africa the riches and blessings that God decided to submit to the world through this people, as is obvious to the world counting Jewish Nobel Prizes and innovation to the world in modern time.

...This is an African project in partnership with Israel. From the heart of south-Saharan Africa will blessings come forth.

Featured on the TEACHINGS page of the Africa-Israel Initiative website...

It links to a video produced by Maoz Israel...

Maoz Israel Ministries is a Messianic Jewish non-profit organization founded in 1976, and whose ministry headquarters is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Its founders, Ari and Shira Sorko-Ram, also founded a Messianic Congregation, Tiferet Yeshua (The Glory of Yeshua) in downtown Tel Aviv, and manage a non-profit publishing company in Israel that prints and distributes Bible-based books for outreach and spiritual growth in the Hebrew language.

Maoz also manages a humanitarian aid organization, istandwithisrael.com, in Israel that supports widows, orphans, the needy, oppressed and victims of terrorism.

This organization also grants scholarships for educational advancement in Hebrew language studies (for new immigrants), job skills and career courses, and university studies for Israeli Messianic Jews.

Maoz also provides legal aid for Messianic Jews in Israel who suffer from severe, relentless persecution and social injustice because of their faith in Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah by anti-freedom of religion ultra-Orthodox organizations. With inflated government grants and non-working population, these organizations are able to harass and target Messianic Jews on a daily basis.

Maoz participates in many projects, programs and conferences with the Messianic Jewish movement throughout Israel. It also provides help for Arab Christian ministries.

Our Mission Statement

Maoz Israel Ministries, a Messianic Jewish ministry in Israel, is a catalyst and vehicle for outreach, training, translating, publishing, music recording, video production, economic and disaster relief, and has established and underwrites a Hebrew indigenous Messianic Jewish congregation in Tel Aviv.

...Our ultimate goal is to see the Israeli people accept the atonement of their Messiah Yeshua as promised in Scripture.

As is the "ultimate goal" of every Xian "ministry" on earth, including the Africa Israel Initiative "Ministry".

VIDEO: The Vision of The Africa Israel Initiative

(2:50 minutes in) ...Everywhere I go, people love J---- C-----, they go to church and they love Israel. It is time to channel this love into practical connections with Israel in reality. In the Africa Israel Initiative, we want to provide a two-way street, a highway of blessings from Israel to Africa and form Africa to Israel. 

We bring business networks to Africa from Israel ["Technology will go forth from Jerusalem"] and from Africa we'll bring church leaders and pilgrims to the Holy Land on tours [i.e. more Xian idolaters to pray to Yeshu in all our holy places]

Wait! Here is the clincher, in code, but I think you can understand the intent behind these words...

...I encourage you to come with us. You will see the joy and the happiness, even the tears, in the eyes of the Jewish People when we have fifty, yes hundreds of Africans walking in the streets full of love...when the Jewish People see the compasssion and the love from the African countries, African people coming to Israel, it will... , you will understand that this can change a lot of things.

These non-Jews are experts in knowing how to carefully word what they say to avoid admitting anything outright and they know how to tell Jews what they most want to hear. Organizations like Maoz Israel have coached them for the last 30 years.

What they say: "We are embracing Torah."
What they mean: "We now understand that as gentile believers in Yeshu, we have been grafted into Israel, therefore everything that is Israel's belongs to us as well - Shabbat, mitzvot, Jewish ritual, the Land of Israel." (Of course, as they themselves interpret and define it!)

What they say: "I've left the church."
What they mean: "Since I saw the error of my ways, I've left the church and now attend a messianic synagogue. I don't believe in J---- anymore. I call him by his proper Hebrew name and worship him as Ha Shem. (God forbid!)

What they say: "I'm of Jewish blood (or) Jewish descent (or) from the Lost Tribes (or even), I was born Jewish. I just can't prove it."
What they mean: "I'm desperate to be recognized as Jewish (without having to actually renounce Yeshu), so I can make use of the Law of Return to make aliyah to Israel.

The thing is, there may be some who are telling the truth, but they are so few as to be infinitesimal; certainly not the millions upon millions being predicted by those who have been taken in. 

Here is a clue to look for: If they go all over denouncing Yeshu the false god and fake Mashiach, they are probably on the up and up. And usually, they won't be able to get enough distance between themselves and their former associates. They are repelled by it.

My intent here is not to condemn, but to inform, educate and encourage. It is my firm belief that if the real Jews involved in these interfaith projects knew the true face and the real agenda behind the efforts of their non-Jewish counterparts, they would run, not walk, the opposite direction. 

No apologies wanted or required. Just start doing the right thing from right now. May we all be zoche to be strengthened in our Yiddishkeit and create of ourselves an impregnable security wall against all malicious attempts at intrusion!



  1. Dear Friends,

    Yes, these "friends" are MASTERS of deception. And they KNOW Jews are weak and insecure and frightened and seek every HUMAN "friend" while FORGETTING that Our Real Friend is Avraham's Friend - HASHEM.

    Our goal should be to bring universal JEWISH teachings to the Nations, not the other way around. And that especially means on the NATIONAL level - Torah-based policies for properly run economies, social, health and welfare, economic, political and judicial systems, not just on the level of "personal" religion.

    Leila Tov from Jerusalem,

    Aryeh Yosef


    1. The Gentiles were NOT supposed to establish their own religion after Noah's Flood. It is an encouraging fact that TODAY more and more Gentiles than ever are LEAVING their established churches/houses of worship and become unaffiliated while seeking "spirituality".

    That is EXACTLY what they should seek, with the framework of the Noachide Covenant and Laws and also while acknowledging God's Land, Torah and People Covenants with Israel.

    With a FIRM hand the Lord let US out of Egypt.

    And with a FIRM hand we will help lead the Nations of the World out of THEIR Egypts.

    That includes, first and foremost, the INCREDIBLY aggressive and deceptive Evangelical Christian Zionists.

    1. Aryeh: "And with a FIRM hand we will help lead the Nations of the World out of THEIR Egypts."

      That's a blasphemous statement in my view. Hashem never anointed us to take His place. HE will take out everyone who deserves to leave "Egypt", including us, since we have brought it into EY. But, we won't be doing His job for Him. We can't even save ourselves!!

  2. בס״ד

    ..and the good people of Yerushalayim fast while praying, that Hashem deliver

    yizush and his people

    into the hands of Yehuda....

  3. Emet, David Mark is right aobut one thing. What he is doing is small potatoes. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

  4. This is a clear sign that NWDisorder is looming into our backyard.
    This article was posted in 2002 and it gives some prospective of what is transpiring in our time. Interesting, that the domain is called 'red moon rising', probably it's about time. http://www.redmoonrising.com/chamish/vaticanagenda.htm


  5. Lior Small, I am already writing a blog post which I think will address your concerns. God willing, it will come out next week.

  6. Why does it always seem to be connected to money?

    Abraham's Angels

    Root Source

    The Israel Bible

    And the coup de grace: A Yeshivah/Synagogue for the World