09 August 2015

The Whole State of Israel is a 'Settlement' and All Israelis Are 'Settlers'

24 Menachem Av 5775

Once I was on a bus with a bunch of so-called religious women who hailed from the "settlements". It was prior to the Gush Katif expulsion. I overheard two of them talking and one said to the other, "As long as our (Gush Etzion) settlement is safe...."

I thought to myself then, "We are sunk." And this reprehensible attitude exists everywhere there are Erev Rav. They fear upsetting the status quo. They make excuses for evil while condemning the righteous. They encourage surrender to the enemy while thinking to themselves, "As long as it doesn't touch me or mine."

You see this attitude clearly within the government. They make a big show of being fearless leaders just looking out for the best interests of the people, but everyone knows it's a lie. The citizenry has held large demonstrations to literally beg the government to stand up to the UN, the US and the EU, to no avail. Instead, they curry favor with the nations of the world by bending over backwards to prove how morally superior they are by coming down harder on their own people than they do on those who attack them. And this is why they won't annex Judea and Samaria. 

What they seem to have missed is that the world is treating the State of Israel the same way that the government of the State of Israel is treating its own citizens who live beyond the green line. Clearly, they think that if they will sacrifice the Jews who live in Judea and Samaria - as long as it's not Tel Aviv or Haifa - they can live with it.

What they appear not to understand is that the world does not intend to allow any Jews to remain on the holy soil of Eretz Yisrael - just like Gush Katif was only the beginning for the "settlements". 

This whole 'Iran' thing is a setup. For at least twenty years and maybe more, it has always been their plan to take out Syria and Iran. But by waiting and first obtaining their 'great deal' through peaceful negotiations (that ISRAEL is upsetting for everyone), when it all goes awry (according to plan) ISRAEL and Jews everywhere will get the blame. This provides an excuse for a 'justifiable' outpouring of antisemitism and a renewed call to "evacuate" Jews from every part of Israel. That's the plan anyway. 

Hey! What's that chuckling sound I hear???  ;-)


  1. I guess that's why it's said, "Don't ask me to do anything you wouldn't do yourself." If you think the land belongs to the Arabs, then give them YOUR house, not MINE.

    ;) Shavua tov.

  2. They won't have to evacuate anything.

    It is enough to roll-back Israel to 1967
    and the main settlement blocs.

    Then turn up the heat (id BDS,ICC and threat from Westbank, gaza and Lebanon.

    Cut off support from the diaspora;

    Finally leave door open for the elites to leave:

    (Spain's parliament approves citizenship for descendents of expelled Jews

    And the whole Zionist project will fizzle out.

    Maybe Kissinger knows something?
    'Kissinger said Israel won't exist in 10 years'


    1. kfeto, the link doesn't work. I tried adding "er", but that didn't help either.

    2. Yes, I believe it. This is their ultimate end game and has been for a few thousand years now. They can't help bragging some time even at the risk of being overheard. But I guarantee you - they will have no better luck this time than they have before. This time, it will be they who are destroyed!

    3. Devash, what do you mean?

      The 'end game' i detailed clearly entails destroying/dismantling Isreal as a zionist, jewish majority country, something that (re)exists only since 1948 so how could this be their plan since a few thousandth years?

      And who is they?

      Kissinger and Soros(who funds BDS) are jews themselves, though, granted, I've heard the former is a Frankist

  3. G-d is in charge. He determines what happens to who and why. There isn't a big conspiracy behind every corner only this: G-d is our Master, Jews need to do tshuva and stop trashing other Jews at every opportunity.. Stop elevating themselves by knocking down other Jews. We need to do a chesbon nefesh and see where we need to do better- not do a chesbon nefesh to see where our fellow Jew needs to improve. Hashem judges us mida kneged mida the way we judge our fellow Jew.


    1. There are 613 specifics - all of them need to come under scrutiny and be followed. But Hashem speaks to us consistently and the question is, with all of the static and noise coming from without and within, is anyone actually putting down their device and listening? And if so, why aren't there groups of crying women out there devoted entirely towards begging Hashem for mercy?

    2. Amen.


    3. Noise Blockers, there are groups of crying women out there. Just because you don't know about them doesn't mean they don't exist. They sit next to the Kotel and pour out their prayers and tears to Hashem every day, rain or shine, hot or cold.

    4. Point being to start STREAMING INTO THE STREETS of every city, town and public area and to begin the crying. NOT to keep it at a wall!

    5. It's not just "a" wall. It's the Kotel where the Shekhinah dwells.

  4. Everyone has an opinion.
    What does Hashem say?
    What does Hashem want?
    What aren't we doing that we need to be doing in accordance with the above?

    1. It's no mystery. It's laid out very plainly in the Torah and we read through it entirely every single year!

    2. It's not enough to READ IT. It's time now to DO IT.

    3. Of course, to do it. My point was that the will of G-d is well known to us already. There is no excuse not to do it.

  5. These people who only suggest teshuvah and achdut with anyone calling themselves Jews are living in la la land. There are Jews who are really Jews and put G-D, Torah and the Jewishpeople/Land of Israel first and then everything else. There is where unity is needed! The trouble is that they have been so laid back and quiet all these years and allowed the enemy within to flourish and gain strength with alliances to Eisav/Yishmael and are now all powerful, and now everything is more difficult but what the enemy does not know/understand is that the All Powerful is G-D Almighty and He determines the outcome which will be by His sending His emissary,Moshiach Tzdkeinu, very soon and all the evil will disappear forever. In the meantime, Tefilah, Teshuvah and T'zadakah will benefit the bnai Yisrael! nili

  6. This is why I see the women you mention as being more dangerous than ardent, leftist secularists.

    The secularists are usually straightforward regarding their beliefs, thus it is easy to tell who they are.

    Those women, on the other hand are not really who they say they are, thus confusing and baffling those with whom they come in contact.