20 August 2015

9-11 and the 21st Century Crusade

6 Elul 5775

The ongoing war across the Middle East which began after the destruction of the Twin Towers and Building Seven on 11 September 2001 is not a political war or war for resources as we've been led to believe. It's a religious war from start to finish. It was a war launched by Eisav against Yishmael to pave the way for taking Jerusalem!!

"Tony Gambino: 'I know for a fact Bush, the Pope and other top Vatican and U.S. government leaders had prior knowledge and help organize 9/11. They did it for many obvious reason, one being instigating the war in Iraq....' "

Gambino Fingers Vatican – Jesuit Priests and Bush Behind 9/11

The high-level former mobster talked openly for an hour, indicting top Vatican and U.S. Government officials with complicity in high crimes, treason and assassinations as they worked together "like a tight-knit happy family" with the Gambino and other Mafia families. 

With America's fascination of the Mafia, Gambino's statements should shake the halls of St. Peter's Basilica, as well as Capitol Hill, since he talked about his first hand knowledge of George Bush, the Pope and other high level Jesuits complicity and knowledge of 9/11. 

"When you grow up in "The Family" like I did, you learn right off the bat that protection comes from everywhere, Including the CIA, FBI and blessings from the Vatican who are at the top of the ladder when it comes to benefiting from Mafia street crime," said Gambino, who became a "Made Man" at the age of five, a Mafia term used for their top street captains. 

"The Vatican officials, federal judges, top politicians all used to get regular pay-offs from the Gambino Family and, in fact, the Vatican andU.S. government make more money off the illegal drug trade then we did. 

"That is why I am talking after just getting out of jail after 20 years.I am talking because people need to know the U.S. government and the Vatican are more dangerous and corrupt then the Mafia ever was.

...Although Gambino knows he's crossing a sensitive line for going public about the inner-workings of the Mafia and its complicity with the Vatican and U.S. government, he added that it's important for Americans to finally understand how things "really work on the streets" and how Church, State and big business are working together to destroy America.

(You can read more here.)

Binyamin already mentioned this in his message "The Last Crusade". And I wrote about it two years ago in my post "The Crusades Have Returned". But, the real scope of it is only just now coming into full view, for me anyway.


  1. BS"D

    2 explosions last 24 hours -

    IDF hitting Syria and North Korea on war alert after fighting broke out across the DMZ between North and South. Troop mobilization is underway *breaking*

    Have the drum rolls of anticipation for late summer/fall just started beating louder?

    -a Yid

  2. This guy is quoting and reference New Testament stuff ...

  3. BS"D

    Another thought about the famous Yalkut Shimoni :

    .."In the year in which the Messiah-King appears, all the nations of the world are provoking each other. The King of Persia provokes an Arab king and the Arab king turns to Aram for advice."

    "The King of Persia goes back and destroys the entire world. And all the nations of the world are in panic and distress and they fall upon their faces and are seized with pains like those of a woman giving birth..."

    "...and Israel are in panic and distress and asking 'where shall we go? Where shall we go?,' and He says to them 'my sons, do not fear; all that I have done, I have done only for you. Why are you afraid? Do not fear, your time of redemption has come, and the final redemption is not like the first redemption, because the first redemption was followed by sorrow and servitude under other kingdoms, but the final redemption is not followed by sorrow and servitude under other kingdoms."

    Given that the Gemorra in Avodah Zara and other sources states that the TWO remaining powers coming into Yemot Ha Mashiach will be Rome and Persia (as they are both tied into the history of the Beit Hamikdash and Galut) with a showdown between them commencing the last legs of the birthpangs of Moshiach. The question becomes how to tie this Yalkut Shimoni together?

    In light of some of the information presented in earlier posts ...supposing the Western nations answer to the Vatican (Rome)...could the "rogue" states like North Korea and the even China and Russia (the latter being eastern orthodox x-tianity and a major rival of the Catholic church) in addition to being allies on a geopolitical plane actually have even a spiritual pact where they answer (albeit indirectly) to the Ayatollah of Iran?

    The part about the king of Paras going back and destroying the world - could that imply it would be really at the bidding of Iran (the ayatollah) that hostilities would start in the spheres of their allies and even satellite proxies (Russia, China, N. Korea) as part of the global chess game between Rome and Persia?

    The subsequent chaos that may ensue would therefore be traced back to the King of Persia 'going back and destroying the world'.

    Keep that in mind in light of their rhetoric about the 12th Imam mahdi business and 2015/16 timeframe...

    Just some thoughts.

    - a Yid

  4. The North - South Korea thing could at least in part be a proxi situation between US and China. (This is common thought.) But i mean specifically things are heating up because of what happened in China the other day. If that is true, that it was a secret weapon of US that did that. Happenings now seems to support that idea.

  5. I'm still in the dark about all this. It's mind-boggling.