09 August 2015

A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

24 Menachem Av 5775

Or in other words, Naftali Bennet is trying to pull the wool over the public's eyes.

Beware! He may be the head of the so-called Jewish Home Party which was formerly the National Religious Party, but there's nothing "Jewish" or "religious" about his political views. In point of fact, they are in direct opposition to Torah law...

Bennett supports death penalty for all terrorists – Jewish and Arab

Education Minister Naftali Bennett came out in favor of equal treatment of terrorists regardless of background – Jewish or Arab – including the death penalty on Sunday.

“With a heavy heart, I support the balance between individual rights and freedoms with protecting Israel’s security and preventing [terrorist attacks],” Bennett told Kalman Liebskind on Galey Israel Radio. “I said it in the past and I stand behind my statements that it is right to use administrative detentions sparingly and very carefully.”

When asked whether he believes in totally equal treatment of Jewish and Arab terrorists, including house demolitions and the death penalty, Bennett responded in the affirmative.

“If there is a trend – and again, we still have to put an asterisk here, because I haven’t seen proof yet – but assuming that there’s a trend, then we need to use parallel tools,” he stated.

When Liebskind specifically asked about the death penalty, Bennett said: “Yes, of course, the answer is yes.”

What is that word for the enemy within? Yes, that's it - traitor!


  1. When he retreated after making halachically correct comments about Jewish soldiers not being penalized for refusing orders to deport fellow Jews from Divinely bequeathed Land, he showed his true colors. (And then how his party refused to commit regarding this issue, saying the most nonsensical things like, "I'm not a soldier so I cannot speak for soldiers and what soldiers should do....")
    It's like me saying, if asked whether Jewish men should daven in a minyan: "I'm not a man so I cannot speak for men and what men should do...."

    I just want to add that my son heard Ezra Yachin speak over a month ago. (Ezra Yachin, at age 94, is one of the last living members of the Stern Group, and out of obligation to the memory of the members who have passed on, forces himself at this age to go around the country speaking on their behalf.)
    Anyway, he told of a friend of his who made "illegal" aliyah from Europe when the British still occupied Eretz Yisrael. After disembarking from the ship, the young man was attacked by Haganah members.
    He later discovered that one of them was Yitzchak Rabin's mother.

  2. Who let the mentally in patients out? Why when a Jew takes action, it is the end of the world? Why when an Arab does worse, it is okay?

  3. Does anybody know whether the government has EVER demolished any church or mosque??? How many synagogues will this one make now? This is the kind of thing that makes Jews hate the government.

    High Court Demands Synagogue's Demolition - After 20 Years

    The High Court on Sunday postponed the demolition of a synagogue in the town of Givat Ze'ev. The synagogue, which has been in use for over 20 years, was slated to be demolished after far-left group Yesh Din filed a petition with the High Court, claiming that the structure had been build on privately-owned Palestinian land.

    The petition has been working its way through the courts for at least three years. Members of the congregation have offered the land's alleged owners a high price for the purchase or rental of the land, but they, and their lawyers, have insisted that the synagogue be torn down. It is not clear why the Palestinian claimants waited some two decades to make their claims, the congregants said.

    The heads of the congregation are in possession of documents showing that they bought the land from its owners, which is the reason that the court has not yet finalized its decision, their attorneys said. The congregation's attorneys are hoping to make one final appeal to prevent the demolition. The congregation has also appealed to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for help, their attorneys said.

    As it stands, the court order demolition will go into effect on August 17.

    - a voice in the wilderness

  4. I posted about the Givat Zeev Synagogue: http://habayitah.blogspot.co.il/2015/08/insanity-govt-to-destroy-20-year-old.html

  5. About Bennett, I'm shocked at his turnaround. I guess Netanyahu really got to him. This means the Rabbi who called him "................." was really right all along. In the beginning he seemed ok. Thanks for revealing this.

  6. It gets worse.

    Vatican to Israel: Arrest Activist for Citing Maimonides

    - a voice in the wilderness

  7. what do you expect from a high tech entrepreneur?
    generally one has to turn himself into a goy to be successful there