27 August 2015

The Scariest Message Yet

12 Elul 5775

Back in Sivan, I reported here on a message relayed by the students of Rav Amram Vaknin of Ashdod who is known to receive messages from Shamayim. (See A Message From the Mekubal HaRav Amram Vaknin, shlit"a)

Now, Rav Vaknin has reportedly been given an additional message which is quite urgent. While I have been able to confirm its authenticity through posts on facebook, the only detailed account I could find - in either Hebrew or English - is only available through a xian news site (run by Jews), so I am hesitant to send anyone there to read it. (The comments are full of avodah zarah to the fake god.) At the same time, if the message is true, it would be very irresponsible of me not to inform the readers.

I cannot vouch for Rav Vaknin's messages, but supposedly he accurately foretold..."the 'Gaza Freedom Flotilla' in May, 2010, the deadly fire in the Carmel forest in December of 2010 as well as Operation Pillar of Defense in 2012 and Operation Protective Edge in 2014."

It seems to concern the fulfillment of a "decree" of which the rabbi was informed by Eliyahu HaNavi back in Sivan...

...Eliyahu HaNavi said to the Rabbi, there is an existing and present danger like the danger of "Haman". ...After that, Rabbi Amram asked him from where goes out the coming future decree (from the south, from the north and from the center) spoken of in organizations (ISIS, from Hamas and Hizb'allah) that they're planning to attack us soon.

The Rabbi asked Eliyahu HaNavi "How many will die?" and after a few seconds, he said "thousands" spoken of as thousands of human beings.

Last motza"sh, Rav Vaknin allegedly was told that this decree cannot be rescinded and that it is to be carried out within two weeks (from then).

Adam Alioa, a student of the Rav Amram who has uploaded videos of him purportedly in conversation with Eliyahu HaNavi while in a prophetic state, said on his facebook page that...

"A very great danger exists for Am Yisrael,...a danger the likes of which no one has ever seen before. The enemy is preparing very, very hard plans for Am Yisrael. People are going to get slaughtered in the streets like chickens. People will be killed on the roads and highways. ...a peril that was never seen in Israel. There's a need to open up a threatening and terrible war...."

And why? According to Adam's report, Eliyahu HaNavi told Rav Amram that there is no choice, because the people will not do teshuvah and will not leave the gashmiut.

It gets worse, Rav Amram's close student Gil Nachman said...

“The Muslims are going to contaminate the water, the fruits and vegetables. They are going to damage the electricity,” he said."

Nachman urged that the Israeli water company, the electric company and food importers should be prepared for these attacks.

According to Nachman, Rabbi Vaknin was told that Arab citizen of Israel and Member of Knesset Hanin Zoabi is the one planning it. Vaknin stated his belief that Zoabi is a spy for ISIS and Hamas and is providing the terror groups all the information they need to plan the attacks.

Again, the time frame given was "within two weeks from last motza"sh which could put the breakout of this terrible war in Parshat Ki Tavo.

According to Rav Fish in his speech entitled Parshat Ki Tavo 5775 is the Time of the End, "Ki Tavo" is the same gematria as "Mashiach ben David" and "Tavo" hints at the "coming" of Mashiach

Additionally, he points out that the Twin Towers fell in Elul at the end of the shmitah cycle while it was still Parshat Ki Tavo and the Shoah also broke out during Elul, Parshat Ki Tavo at the end of the shmitah cycle!

If this horror does in fact occur, this will no doubt be the orchestrated event that will bring down the Erev Rav regime and provide the excuse for the foreign troops to arrive to "save" us. Once Eisav has taken over, Mashiach ben David can take control from Eisav and "the kingdom will be Hashem's"!

Meantime, hopefully, it will send many of the non-Jews running for the exits and help Am Yisrael to do real and complete teshuvah and merit once and for all to greet Mashiach Tzidkeinu motzaei shvi'it!!


  1. Gil Nachman actually said, “Pray that it’s not going to be today, tomorrow or in two weeks.” Not being rescinded is one thing that does not imply time limit, as HaShem is in charge. Just asking, Is it wise to scare readers like this. Where does it say absolutely in two weeks? (there are no absolutes on earth except for birth and death)

    PS I don't use or rely on Facebook and don't think it a wise choice for a social media, much too much immoral spam all over the internet from Facebook.

    1. No, Neshama, that's what the author of that article wrote. What Gil Nachman says on his facebook page - in his own words - is: אנחנו מקווים שלא תיפרוץ מילחמה בשבועיים הקרובים

      This is why I like to get my information directly from the source before publishing it, but in this case, it was not entirely possible and the message is too critical not to say anything at all.

      What if it is a warning from Heaven? Do you think they are playing games sending these warnings to us? If Heaven feels Am Yisrael won't respond to anything else but a good scare, who am I and who are you to argue with it?

      These threats have always been with us: poisoning the food we eat, the national water carrier, sending rockets on the pwoer supply stations, ISIS arriving and chopping heads. THIS IS NOTHING NEW! The only thing that is new is being told that it's going to happen in the next two weeks and there is no recourse.

      If this is the time for redemption as everyone claims to believe, it has to happen now and you are well aware of that. Almost nobody really believes that Hashem really means what He says and almost everybody believes that there will always be more time and more time to put off teshuvah.

      "B'ita achinsheinah." In its time, I will hasten it!!

    2. Rabbi Lazer Brody said the safest place in the world for a shomer Shabbat Jew is Israel. This post negates his message.
      Hilltop Dweller

    3. No it doesn't. The real-Jews who are destined to be part of the surviving remnant - those who do real teshuva before it is too late and who cling tightly to HKB"H will live through it. But, they still have to go through it. Everybody does.

    4. You are correct Devash. Sometimes I wish there was a *like* button where one could vote your words up they are so right on.

      Yasher Koach

  2. Don't forget the Arabs had a big spectacular event planned for last Rosh Hashana!

    - a voice in the wilderness

  3. Oh, gosh I'm not arguing. I also posted about it as a warning but not with a deadline. Didn't have your sources, however. Just that some people could go into panic mode that might not be good for their health., physical or mental. But rabbi Vaknin also gave a parable of the eagle that does not scare his fledglings all at once, and slowly approaches the nest. Im not so 'deadlinish' as I still believe HaShem will give the world more warnings before destroying, a lot more drastic ones. He loves His Nation and will not bring another Shoah on Am Yisrael. That's what I intuit.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. People are already off the rails - if it weren't for distractions of the technological kind - people would be dropping like flies.

  4. According to Nir Ben Artzi they are planning the same attack for this Rosh Hashana, too. All part of the same big war that's predicted to break out soon?


    - a voice in the wilderness

  5. ....waiting for visas...waiting for visas....can't come quickly enough....waiting for visas....
    Please Abishter.....

    1. Wishing you and yours a lot of hatzlacha and bracha, Leah....
      Yashar koach and may you have a yishuv tov.

  6. Yosef from the Galil27/8/15 3:45 PM

    I'm glad there's a timeframe on this one because I'm still unsure of Rav Vaknin's authenticity. If nothing happens next week, we know he can be ignored from now on. Unless, of course, we choose to buy into the typical "the decree was rescinded in Shamayim" excuses.

    On the other hand, you are clear that we cannot trust the source, so I guess what I just said isn't true either. This is all so confusing..... makes me desire to look only toward Hashem!

    1. I never said the source of the message couldn't be trusted. I trust the source, but because they allow all that xian crap to be posted in the comments section, I don't want to send people over there to read it. That's why I looked for an alternative source. I'm really surprised that none of the Hebrew sites have picked it up.

      Also, one of the most important points of this message is that the rabbi was told the decree could NOT be cancelled; that it was going through no matter what. However each individual who does teshuvah can save himself.

  7. B"H Nothing is going to happen in the next two weeks,

    1. Why?! You want to keep the status quo - never get redeemed? You want us to "be pregnant" forever and never give birth to the future world?!

  8. חנין זועבי:
    Some of the gematria for the poltician's name :כִּי טוֹב לוֹ עִמָּךְ, הנה ימים באים, וידעו כי אני ה, ,נה ציון,יארב , כי גמל עלי., ואראה,קול עז,גמל עליכי.עד די עדנא,לא לכם ולנו,

  9. Devash, I hope you don't mind me posting this amazing shiur. I think every Jew should listen to it from the beginning to the end..I've already listened to it twice and will listen agin with my husband tonight. It really made me tremble inside about just how awesome our responsibility is. This is not a game.



  10. Netanyahu is in Italy.
    Rivlin is on his way.
    Officially he's looking at food and expos

    1. Gone to get his orders no doubt.

    2. And if emails can't take the place of him and Rivlin being there, there must be something they plan on doing that only his being physically present can happen. Pope's US visit on horizon - things to get clear and done before that happens

  11. Everyone knows that between Rosh Hashana and Sukkot the world will change. Literally. This has been discussed and taught and shown in all the various ways from codes to gematrias to actual psukim from rabbis around the world. Yes. Personally, couldn't be happier.

  12. Well, now they're after people that meet to talk about the admin detention!
    "Police State': Police Raid Rabbinical, Nationalist Gathering (on arutz7) In a highly unusual step, police raided a high-level meeting critical of administrative detention, arrested four."

    1. Don't be surprsied. This is Little America here. Whatever goes there, goes here, but double. They've taken over.

  13. Honestly people, the world is a cesspool. How much long you think this will continue?

  14. BS"D

    On decrees and teshuva


    -a Yid

  15. Stopped reading after I saw "talking to eliyahu in a prophetic state", there are no prophets today, rest assured that this false.

    1. A heightened state of consciousness, which is akin to leaving one's body is recognized as Ruach Hakodesh, attained by meditation, reciting permutations and breathing, can be used as a portal to receive information. Nothing pasul about it - the Kabbalists have been doing this for eons.

  16. Rabbi Berland28/8/15 4:15 AM

    Rabbi Berland calls on American Jews: "make Aliyah to Israel"

    Mashiach is coming: Rabbi Berland calls on American Jews to immigrate to Israel until Sukkot - to welcome mashiach • Listen to his words

    Moshe Weisberg יום שישי י"ג אלול תשע"ה 01:06 28/08/2015
    Rabbi Eliezer Berland gave yesterday (Tuesday) a shiur over the phone to the Breslov Center in Miami for 10 minutes, in which he called on the entire community numbering about 70 persons, to immigrate to Israel.

    Rabbi Berland said the following: "On Motzaei the first day of Sukkot everyone has to be in Israel to greet the mashiach in Jerusalem, men, women and children and infants who do not know how to crawl. So right after Yom Kippur, everyone has to go to Israel! And for the citizens of Israel too, everyone must come to Jerusalem right after the first day of Sukkot to hear the king read the Torah as the Rambam says in Hilchos Chagigah".

    On Rosh Chodesh Elul Rabbi Eliezer Berland said in his lesson: "Now we have forty days until Yom Kippur and 45 days before the soul of Moshiach will be actually revealed".

    Rabbi Eliezer Berland has recently given four shiurim to his students and followers in Israel and abroad over the phone and the Shuvu Banim International website, from his stay in Guatemala - as revealed for the first time in Behadrey Haredim. According to the rabbi's words in the shiur on 22nd Av, he asked his students not to come to Guatemala but to travel to Uman for Rosh Hashanah.

    "The Rabbi is in the capital, and asked not to go there! Do not go! Behave simply! Make the kibbutz only at Rabbeinu! Only at Rabbeinu hakadosh vehanora! And Rabbeinu will protect all of you for being there on Rosh Hashanah, and do not make any tricks, then you will see Mashiach ben David!"

    During all the last shiurim which lasted for about an hour, Rabbi Berland spoke enthusiastically about the geulah and his veteran talmidim say they have never heard their teacher speaks like that for years.

    On Erev Rosh Chodesh Elul, the Rabbi added exact dates of the process of revelation of Moshiach, which he said will start on Yom Kippur, and will continue for another 6 years until the end of 5781. "We are now preparing the Yom Kippur of 5776, preparing the Yom Kippur a day of salvation of 5781 when the Rosh Hashanah will come out on Shabbos and Pesach on Motzaei Shabbos and there will be a Purim Meshulash, when there will be the geulah, then it will be a day for relief, 5781, so will the true salvation to Israel, which Daniel prophesized that this will be on two thousand and three hundred, morn till eve, 2300 years, which will end in 5781, the year of Israel's salvation.
    "And now we are preparing in these same six years, and those six years from 5776 until 5781, these are years of redemption, those are years in which the people of Israel will repent, the biggest criminals repent, because there are no secular in the Jewish people, there are no criminals among the people of Israel, no wicked people of Israel, those are all stages in the salvation, it's all stages in the development of the soul, in accepting the parts of the soul, the biggest gangster in the end will become the most righteous man."

    It should be noted that in all the years Rabbi Berland spoke against those who calculate the time of the geulah and against those who are trying all the time to determine the time of the coming of the mashiach, but as the Malbim writes, when we get close to the redemption we will be permitted to speak of dates. Even Hagaon R' Chaim Kanievsky said recently to CEO of Yad Sarah Rabbi Moshe Cohen and director of the emergency switchboard and hospitalization plan Rabbi Nachum Gitman, when they came to receive his blessing on installing panic buttons in shulls, "until the Yomim Tovim Mashiach will come and you won't need to install panic buttons any longer".

    Courtesy: Shuvu Banim International

  17. From the article Gil Nachman suggests that the situation is down to the leaders of the generation simply not wanting to do Teshuvah themselves yet are urging others to others to do Teshuvah.

  18. Ki Tavo, of course, also includes the blessings and curses, not coincidentally read during Ellul. They were said on two mountains.

    Ki Tavo "when you come..." into the Land, an important aliya reference.

    This follows Ki Tzetze, albeit about an milhemeth reshuth (optional war), it should give us a reminder about war, not just wars in the past, but wars to come.

    Unfortunately, most "rabbis" spend their time apologizing for this parsha and talking about different times, and lack of current relevance.

  19. There is no one that has prophesy today. And no one knows when Moshiach will come nor can anyone give a date. There are MANY in klal Yisrael doing real teshuva. Just listen to Rav Yossi Mizrachi speak about his most recent trip to Israel and all the new baalei teshuva he met. I know a lot of holy people here in Jerusalem "regular people" constantly working on themselves to serve HaShem better and better. All the doomsday so-called prophesy is just yeush in disguise and it is advisable not to believe or repeat anything you did not hear first hand. Anyone remember all the lies, yes lies spread last year in the name of Rav Chaim Kaniviesky about Moshiach coming and that there with be no 9 days?

  20. Truly believe as far as the worstt of the worst criminals doing teshuva, don't think so. Those would be the Erev Rav amaleikim and they can't repent. The rest who are just the followers and really don't know the right from the wrong will all repent. The erev rav amaleikim are no different than Eisav and Yishmael. It's all one pact between them.