18 August 2015

Binyamin: "From Sedom Until Jerusalem" - Q and A

3 Elul 5775


Facilitated Communication with Binyamin 
Jerusalem, 20 Menachem Av 5775

Q. On the day of the parade, at sunrise, there was a 4.4 earthquake in Eretz Yisrael! it began in the area of Sedom, Yam HaMelach, and was felt also in Jerusalem...

A. From Sedom, exactly! Correct exactly. So you can read why I wrote 'From Sedom Until Jerusalem'.

Q. So the message is actually that if we won't fight over ourselves and over our children's soul, Sedom will reach, chas v'shalom towards within Jerusalem...

A. Correct, and it already arrived, Hashem yishmor.

Q. There are rumors that the Pope is planning to arrive here at Sukkot... and behind Kever David HaMelech there are all kinds of activities in the area...

A. It very well could be according to what I said to you, he said explicitly that he wants to make a 'Second Vatican' here, but that's not correct, he wants to make the Vatican here! Look, you can go there and you can pray there, but in a moment they will remove you by force, they won't allow you to come. No matter, go into the beit-medrash, the beit-knesset and simply cry and speak with HKB"H. Ask HKB"H to help you do teshuvah, all of us, that He will help all of us to do teshuvah, and that He will bring our righteous Mashiach already. Only this do we need to do, it's the greatest weapon, the strongest secret weapon, that never ceases to work.

Q. This fits with what was written about the Sukkot holiday...

A. We will know everything. I don't know dates, I say what they are planning. They are planning that the Pope will come, and that just shows how much the Catholic-Church is in control here. He's supposed to come to America first, and in America he's going to the UN, he will say what he has to say, and then we will be wiser, but prepare, prepare spiritually, it will be very difficult times economically.

Q. Askanim are saying that there are close to four hundred complaints about children who were attacked! What are the police doing? Nothing.

A. I don't understand one thing, why don't the Chareidim organize in order to guard the children? It's not comprehensible to me. When they want to fight, to make a demonstration, etc - there's no problem, so what's happening here? Why aren't they doing something?

Q. If someone only opened their mouth against the wicked - oy vavoy...

A. You need to see them and to look upon them as gentiles. They want to make a world of negatives - they're allowed, and what's allowed by the Torah - it's negative. They also want to cut the birthrate, they don't want so many people in this world, so for them it's better man-to-man and woman-to-woman - and with this we're finished. But they're also twisted themselves.

Q. The City Hall of Jerusalem has a comprehensive plan to destroy the northern neighborhoods to take the lite-rail train across there and more...

A. Nothing will help - just prayer. They are much stronger, it won't help. Too many chareidi people are occupied with these people, too many chareidi people are exhausted and they don't have the strength to fight. Just pray, it's the most important. 

Q. What do you say about this heat wave that we had this week?

A. It's all relevant to redemption.

Q. How is it connected to redemption?

A. The heat and every difficulty - it goes from one thing to another, we're crossing over to another world, a completely different world, and it's relevant to the war that they are already fighting in Heaven, so that's what's happening.

Q. Today is the yahrtzeit of the Rabbi from Belz, ztz"l...

A. We always had giant tzadikim, with such clear truth, in such a clear way that there's not at all anything to say against it. But they're idiots [the pope and his followers], and they want to be "The Chosen People", so they're making all kinds of twisted ways in order to attain it, because they're truly not capable of it, only Am Yisrael can reach [this level]. And now we need to do what I said: to close ourselves off, to pray, and the men to learn, to pray, and to cry to Hashem to save us. Whoever can reach Eretz Yisrael it's preferred, whoever can't - Hashem will also save the Jews there.

Q. Two years ago, I would not have believed that we would reach the year 5775 and Mashiach still wouldn't be here...

A. I'm already writing from above for twenty years, people don't understand that it's 'stages', but Hashem sent us about twenty-three years ago when we began to write, so He sent us to prepare Am Yisrael. But Am Yisrael needs to arrive at various stages, to go through all kinds of things, but 'the end' already was, it started - the end. Almost fourteen years ago the Twin Towers fell, and that was the beginning. Very many accused the authorities of having a part in it, in the downing of the Twin Towers, that is to say that the gentiles actually also accused the Americans - the CIA, and also the British, and also the Jesuits, and also the Saudi Arabians... So it was the-beginning-of-the-end-of-the-world-of-the-lie.

Q. Once there were those who went out to the street with sifrei-HaTorah, today it all seems so hidden...

A. People will wake up when it gets to these situations, but few people will wake up, few. I'm warning you, it won't be very many, it won't be masses. Will be. I hope that there will be, yes, but compared to the Catholics, the people who are really 'officially Catholic'?... There is approximately something like a billion and a half in the world! Worldwide there are about seven and a half billion people, so close to twenty percent are Catholic! But because of this there is a lot of power there, but it's not so simple, because also among the more intelligent Catholics, there's a problem because they can't tolerate them. They see that they are making a lie. Not simple. I don't know how Hashem will finish them, in a second, in a minute He can finish them, even less than a minute...

Q. So, what is our job, what can we do?

A. I repeat: there's no fighting against them face-to-face, it won't help, it's just a big danger. Go close the doors, go to the beit-medrash, and pray and cry to Hashem, that's the single thing that will help. Hashem wants to hear our prayers. Until now most of the chareidim are praying to the golden calf, it's 'as if' it's to HKB"H. They put a kippah and talith on the golden calf, hanging on to his tail, and going with him. We've gone down in kedushah in a terrible way, terrible-terrible-terrible, and it's simply a shame. Why does Hashem allow the wicked to be involved with our children? Because we're not alright! Not everyone, there are many trying, but we're not alright. And for the sake of a little money you can buy a lot from the chareidim and also dati'im and mainly the chilonim.

But we, all those, all the true Jews - need to open their eyes and see where we are standing. They want to be with the evildoers? That will be their end. They have no chance of succeeding in what they are doing. And we - we have HKB"H, He's the Almighty, He's the Master of the World, there's nothing besides Him alone, and that's it. And whoever is with HKB"H - he will survive. And it's impossible to be 'as if' with HKB"H, like the brother of Avraham Avinu, we need to be truly with HKB"H, to speak with him all the time, to cry, to talk, to be with Him, all the time. With this we will be able to succeed.

And these evildoers - they are afraid of this power of the Jew, right, they see it as the worst thing: to be a Jew, but they're also afraid, because deep inside they know that HKB"H is the Almighty and that we are the Chosen People and not them with their distorted way. Only the way of HKB"H is the truth, and that's everything. Our Torah is truth, and only our Torah and HKB"H are the truth

We need to go with the truth. So try, continue to pray, to pray, that's everything. To pray, and to find someone good to talk to, who will speak the truth, and that's everything. Look, we are a people who got through, and are still going through such a hard exile. I know that it's the end now, and that's clear, because look around, if we won't receive our righteous Mashiach in the near future - Am Yisrael won't remain! it will be 'as-if-Am-Yisrael', but it won't be Am Yisrael, chas v'shalom. So, therefore, it has to be the end.

לעילוי נשמת הבחור הצדיק שלמה דניאל בן לאה עליו השלום. עבד את בוראו תמיד בשמחה. ת.נ.צ.ב.ה

NOTE! For those who doubt the authenticity of these messages, I have been assured by a 100% reliable source that all the information contained herein comes to Binyamin directly from Shamayim without any input from outside sources.

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