09 August 2015


24 Menachem Av 5775

Maybe you readers know something I don't. I wouldn't be a bit surprised. I looked into a bit and I can't find anywhere a definition of what constitutes motzaei-Shabbat or motzaei-Shvi'it. After a discussion around the Shabbat table, we determined that very likely motzaei-Shabbat could be applied to anytime from the three stars out until the sunrise of yom rishon - roughly 6pm to 6am or half of the day.

If we apply this reasoning to motzaei-Shvi'it, it follows that this period could easily cover half a year or until Nissan. So, if you are expecting Ben David motzaei-Shvi'it and he hasn't arrived by Hanukah, don't lose hope!

The basis of our worst failures (Gan Eden and Har Sinai) was the failure to WAIT. In Gan Eden, Adam and Chavah did not wait until Shabbat to eat from the Tree of Knowing Good and Evil and at Har Sinai, we did not wait for Moshe to return from the mountain before we gave up and worshiped the Golden Calf.

From Tishrei 5776 to Nisan 5776, be prepared for anything. But even if Nisan 5776 were to come and go with still no sign of Mashiach, still we will wait for him!!!


  1. We need to prepare ourselves spiritually so we are ready to receive Moshiach


  2. We need to spiritually prepare ourselves for redemption


  3. I also don't know what exactly constitutes motzei Shabbat/Sheviit, but the post gives me great chizuk, Devash.

  4. Shemitah will continue for some time depending on the crop.
    "Although Shmitta lasts for a full year, Shmitta produce is sold during the following year and beyond. Therefore, this mitzva extends far beyond the seventh year of Sabbatical rest."

  5. Been hearing things about red moons and Sukkot. This appears to be figuring in - in some way.

    Not affiliated with this particular site - and don't know anything about who runs it - but they have some info which could provide an inkling on what we're going to be seeing in Tishrei