04 August 2015

Menachem: "Our Secret Weapon" - Q and A, Pt 1

20 Menachem Av 5775


Facilitated Communication with Menachem

Jerusalem, 4 Menachem Av 5775

Our Secret Weapon - Q and A, Pt 1 of 2

Q. Tonight is the yahrtzeit of the Ari HaKadosh, already 450 years ago he revealed to us that most of the generation are from the Erev Rav. Who knows where they're holding today...

A. Again, there are those who say that at this moment the number of Jews in the world, those who think of themselves as Jews, is exactly as it was in the period before WW2, approximately 15 million. Take this number and compare it to how many gentiles are in the world!... How much is it? But a serious part of them is not Jewish at all, because of all the various grandmas and grandpas who married with gentiles throughout the generations, and also there is among them converts who didn't convert in the correct way, and there are among them, for the majority, a majority of the Jews are completely secular, and they don't have any idea about their religion. And there's nothing we can do about a convert who's not a real convert, he remains a gentile. And there's nothing we can do about a Jew who 'thinks he's Jewish', but he's actually not Jewish and doesn't keep mitzvot, so it also reduces quite a lot. However, apart from this there is the Erev Rav, and they're a majority of the Jews. After we take off the converts who aren't real and all the gentiles-who-think-they're-Jews, we're still left with a lot of Jews according to the numbers, but anyway, within what remains - the great majority are really Erev Rav! And clearly, very many of them, from the Erev Rav - are secular, but to our great sorrow, also among the Chareidim - we see how that chareidi people are trying to bring down other believing Jews from the path, and they're doing it so easily!... Simply luring them, drawing them in strongly with the materialism. But, it won't help them, because the true-Jews will be saved - and they will disappear. And few-few will remain, something tiny, negligible, of true-Jews. And Mashiach will be revealed, and he will come against all the armies remaining after WW3 and he alone will defeat them, with G-d's help. So, we are the diamond that Hashem raised up from the dust, and polished us. We're very small, but we have the special soul that Hashem gave us, a soul that's capable of rising and rising spiritually, and of connecting with HKB"H, the gentiles have nothing like that.

Q. Can you say that 'a majority of the generation are from the Erev Rav' is saying that actually a majority of the people wandering around among us, within our communities - they're Erev Rav, and not really true-Jews?

A. We don't know precisely, but it's possible to say at least that we know that very many among them - from the greatest to the least are Erev Rav. But, it's possible to see it clearly enough, at least in parts. They're luring the Jews with a lie, taking the Torah - and teaching it in a false way. We're fighting for each thing like "child allowances" like it's 'the most important thing', but important things like building upon the ancient Jewish graves and etc. - it already doesn't matter. It doesn't matter to anyone, that year after year there is the brazeness to make a parade of contemptible ones, of crazies, twisted, who really go against the Torah, that they're doing, that they're proud that they're doing one of the worst sins in the Torah, and still making a parade to lure everyone into it. And the city of Jerusalem permitted it. 'Democracy over the Torah'.

And our Jews sitting on the city council - and being silent. And our people, the most chareidi in Meah She'arim, being silent, being silent. And why? They say because they don't want the children to know from such things. But to our great sorrow, we're finding these things in the yeshivahs, and everyone knows from it, everyone knows that it's not worthwhile that a young guy will sit alone in a Beit Midrash to learn, because who knows what could be? It's not simple. Not simple. And they don't fight against. They don't understand, this generation, what a sin this is. And they have many other sins that 'they're not making a business from it', making jokes about it. And it's not a joke. It destroys Judaism for us. And there are a thousand more examples every day.

The materialism directs those who are connected to the evildoers because of the materialism, people who are helping to bring down the people beloved of HKB"H, people who are going with peyot and beards, who put on tefillin every day, and are praying three times a day - and they are taking, a lot of them are taking the Torah - and spinning it to what they want. Hashem took from us most of the gedolei hador, if not all of them, from the greatest of these, we are left with righteous people, we still have tzadikim, talmidei chachamim, but they don't have the strength to fight against the Satan himself, and the war now - it's against the Satan himself! What, you thought that Hitler was the Satan himself?! We have now evildoers much harder, much worse. And we have the Satan himself standing at the head! And only HKB"H Himself or His messenger, the seed of David HaMelech, can fight against them.

Q. How can we explain the fact that good Jews also are mostly totally silent on this atrocity?

A. The real Jews are confused. What, how can it be that their rebbe or their rabbi doesn't fight against, who allows the generation to break down?!... It's not for no reason that the Litvak yeshivahs that were known as the most-most-most in learning and in fear-of-Heaven, in that place there was violence one towards the other, and even violence towards their heads of yeshivahs, God protect us. Who would believe that in the Hassidic communities - the girls have forgotten what modesty is, and in these places they've gone down a lot from the mechitzas that protected us. Because we are attracted to the secular world, we're attracted to the secular materialism. That's the situation.

[To be continued, iy"H]


  1. in another post you listed figures for the Jews at Har Sinai and separately you listed the Erev Rav at 45 mil. What was the number for the Jews, the descendants of Yaakov's family? This is I believe what Menachem is referring to as being the survivors of our history. Amazing. I. So glad I can account for my lineage. B"H

    1. For the jews 600,000 men and a similar number of women and children. The figure I've always heard is around 2 million. And I can't remember the source for the 45 million Erev Rav. There may be other figures as well.

    2. For the jews 600,000 men and a similar number of women and children. The figure I've always heard is around 2 million. And I can't remember the source for the 45 million Erev Rav. There may be other figures as well.

    3. Anyone who thinks he can "account for his lineage" is nuts. There's no foolproof way to do so.
      We have to account for ourselves, not for our yichus. Neshama source has very little/nothing to do with physical descent.
      How about stopping judging other people and keeping the focus on the only place where we can make a difference - ourselves?
      How about just a little bit less ga'avah?

  2. Also, Yaakov Avinu came down with 70 souls (he included) to Mitzrayim. The true Jews descend from those 70 souls.