05 August 2015

Will Rivlin Become Another Rabin?

20 Menachem Av 5775

The atmosphere today is reminiscent of what happened twenty years ago. Perhaps with the strong showing of the right-wing in the recent elections, The Powers That Be feel it is time to knock them back down to size again.

A climate of hate for the "right-wing", "religious extremists", "settlers", etc is building up once again in the wake of a perceived 'reign-of-terror' which has clearly been orchestrated to fulfill a political agenda. All they need to cap it off is another political assassination. Have the TPTB already chosen their 'sacrifical lamb'?

I honestly don't think it's possible to evict 450,000 Jews from Judea and Samaria. I think they plan to abandon us to Palestine. And if their plans work out just right, the "settlers" will have been thoroughly demonized once again. All the sympathy that Gush Katif engendered will have been used up and the Israeli public will consequently back the government.

It's evil genius.

Rivlin is diregarding threats on his life - just like Rabin
Op-ed: It takes only one crazy Jew out of eight million Israeli citizens to hurt and kill or injure, slain prime minister's bureau chief tells President Reuven Rivlin.


  1. I read It was an American who devised these (both) antisemitic drawings. I think even non Jewish, as he was upset at the situation of the Jews in Israel, actually in favor of them. Hope I have this right.

    It's so hot to really do anything but blog!

  2. Obama: If Congress kills Iran deal, rockets will fall on Tel Aviv
    Without nuclear pact, president warns US Jews, America will be forced to attack Iran — and Israel will bear the brunt of the response


    - a voice in the wilderness

  3. http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/news/headlines-breaking-stories/331666/jerusalem-mayor-speaks-out-strongly-following-firebomb-attack.html

    The devil is in the details - look at the bottom of that article it states the Jlem court agreed to a police request to a 30 day gag order on the investigation... What could possibly be so sensitive about another arab throwing a molotov cocktail at Jews that they don't want anyone to know the details of it for a months time? Perhaps they want to keep up the momentum raising a stink of all the supposed endemic Jewish terror and don't want anyone to be reminded of the daily arab terror on Jews. And after a months time the whole country will be sending kids back to school and getting ready for Rosh Hashana and the chagim season and won't have time to dwell on some anonymous firebomb from a month ago.

  4. I think that it is important to remember most of the "settlers" are not like those of Yitzhar, Havath Ma'on, Aish Qodesh, Havath Gil'ad and the like.

    The gov't may stick with it's plan to keep Ma'aleh Adumim, Givath Ze'ev, Ariel, and even Gush Etzion.

    I'm afraid to say that quite a few from the mamalakhti (diehard state loyalists) will get up and leave, trusting the gov't to take care of them.

    Some of them will wake up, and stay and fight, but will it be too late?

    There's plenty of edible food out there and water sources, and wood for heat. But will it be enough?

    No doubt the gov't will continue to disarm them first.

    I've been writing about this for a while now.

    Yitzhar: The Government's Expulsion Laboratory

  5. There is a facility near Elad they have completed a few years ago to put the settlers. It is a concentration camp lechol davar. Google it. You will find it.

    1. Well, why don't you give us the link? You don't even give it a name.

    2. What words to use in the search?

      I remember Barry Chamish had photos of an underground facility, near Petah Tiqwah, which is not so far away from Elad. Perhaps it's the same.

    3. But that was supposed to be an underground US military facility, not a concentration camp. The whole country is practically a concentration camp already! Anyway, they're not gonna want to be responsible for feeding and housing all these people. Much easier to let them remain where they are under Palestinian rule or what's more likely, they expect them to jump and run for wherever they can find to go so as not to be left behind. They'll have to fend for themselves and leave everything behind. I'm inclined to stay put no matter what.

    4. Esser and all _secret chamish israel should bring you to the info in google images.

  6. Go to www.libertyarchives.com listen to hr. two Barry Chamish