06 August 2015

Menachem: "Our Secret Weapon" - Q and A, Pt 2

21 Menachem Av 5775


Facilitated Communication with Menachem
Jerusalem, 4 Menachem Av 5775

Our Secret Weapon - Q and A, Pt 2 of 2

Q. A Jew told me that his daughter learns at an institution of one of the important communities, what is called 'extremist', the girls went out on a school-sponsored trip, the bus driver took his I-phone, connected it to a speaker and the girls started to dance there. The daughter went to look for the teacher in order to stop the scandal, but she discovered to her astonishment that the teacher danced there together with her students... Foolishness like that. They've lost the holy feeling.

A. What can I tell you. That's exactly the example. They've forgotten what Yiddishkeit is, most of the Yiddishkeit is 'external' - it has ceased to be internal.

Q. Chareidi representatives on the city council collaborated knowing full well the budget was for the toeivah parade.

A. Money, money, money. I don't need to say more.

Q. From most of the silence to all the parades and to all the impurities, we gave them authorization from Heaven to enter within our camp and to kill souls of pure children, r"l. And it all passed in silence. There was a meeting with rabbis and politicos, it didn't help at all, nothing...

A. Right, we're seeing the greatest wickedness that there ever was. And that's our Jews, they're not Jews - they're Erev Rav. And now you see, whoever said such a thing - he is without a doubt Erev Rav, there's nothing at all to say. Whoever brings stories of lies, who is not checking them if it's truth or lie, then he's Erev Rav, and it doesn't matter if he's a big rabbi or some little person who works manual-labor, it doesn't matter. We know this, and therefore we need to guard our children, and not go to them to request help, because they won't help us.

Q. There are horror stories about what is happening in the educational system... Mothers are really afraid from the danger of sending their children...

A. That's exactly it. They want to frighten the Jews, they want to bring them down from the truth. They want that they will also be this way, there are [people] like these whom it speaks to them - things like this. They want to give them a taste for these things. One thing that can help: Every parent needs to protect his child, and make efforts that he won't be exposed to a thing like that. Watch over him on his arrival at school and on his return from school. And even if you need to leave him at home - that's a better education than what's happening like this thing. We don't have anyone to depend on here - only on HKB"H. And they come into our world, the world that was once closed to outsiders - and now everything is open, and this arouses also the twisted desires of many Jews, and then they lure them to these things. They want to destroy Am Yisrael from within, they helped to raise up this State for this! What do you think, that Truman (US President) loved Jews so much that he wanted to vote in favor of a Jewish State?! Nonsense. Also the Russians voted in favor, the communists! Isn't that strange?!

Q. What do you think about the nuclear-agreement with Iran, how does it fit together with the evildoers takeover?

A. All of it - it's part of their game. They want the Arabs to kill each other, and maybe it will also help them to overcome Israel. But they've already sent [them] here, it will be the reason for them to send soldiers here from various countries, maybe from the UN, and then - that's it, it's the end! Either the Jews will go along with them or...'

Q. I have a question. Once, you urged us to go out, to return in teshuvah, to be concerned for everyone... In recent years I'm feeling a change in direction of the messages, now our job is to withdraw and be aloof in order to protect ourselves...

A. You're right 100%. I'll explain it to you. The famous kiruv organizations, they also were about 'control of money', also they ceased [to be] 'completely 'l'shem shamayim', that is to say that there is another part to 'for the sake of heaven', but there is also a part that is with the lie. And there are organizations that particularly want to go to the direction of the seculars on television, and etc, etc., but it doesn't work so well, whoever 'returns' from it - 'returns' also from confusion, with the feeling that it's also possible to also hold on to part of the secularism, of their approach. The problem today is when we want to come close, to bring someone within the chareidi camp, there's almost no real chareidism! There are all sorts of nice people ,etc., who will bring them, but to say that it's with all the heart and soul? No! Usually not. I'm not saying that a person can't return someone in teshuvah, that's without a doubt, but today it's much harder.

And there are authorities here in Israel and in the world who are still dreaming about 'the final solution of the Jews'. And here in Israel with the help of other 'so-called Jews', the evildoers have entered strongly into Eretz Yisrael, to the State of Israel, and they're almost ruling here completely. And like they went into the United States and are controlling the United States, almost ruling by way of their president, by way of their Congress who have a lot of filth on them - and because of this they're doing what the president wants, and also by way of their military, which shortly will control the United States, the American military. And here also, they're about to take over. The same way they're also doing [it here]. They have people in the highest places here in Israel, 'so-called Jews', and in general, look - who is inhabiting this state? Who brought all the people here? The evildoers themselves, the Jews who started Zionism! And everything was relevant and connected: Communism, Socialism, Fascism, and also Zionism. They created it for making a mess in the world, and to join everyone, because the evildoers - are servants of Satan, really! Do you think it can't be in our generation, a thing like this? It always was - and it never stopped.

And these, the richest in the world - they're also the sickest in the world! And they're servants of Satan, and it's just like we've arrived again to the first sin. And this war, the last war, again, it's the Satan, the snake, against HKB"H. But we, Am Yisrael, who all our souls came from Adam HaRishon, this time we have to enter into Shabbat whole in body and in spirit, and whole in soul that's connecting us to HKB"H, and this time we will enter into Shabbat - and we will remain.

Q. Will the State be completely destroyed before the coming of Mashiach, or will something remain, some trace?

A. Eretz Yisrael will not be destroyed, just the State will be destroyed. I don't exactly know how it will be. I don't believe that much will be destroyed here, I believe that the majority will remain standing. I don't know if they want to bomb here very strongly, because look, they're already building here trains, tunnels, and all kinds of things, they've invested a lot of money here, and it doesn't come from the State's budget. So, therefore, it's hard for me to believe that they want to bomb a lot here. And also the meaning of the prophets' words of the End of Days, when Mashiach fights against the nations of the world, in any case they don't enter into Eretz Yisrael really, and still people are existing, people living here, while at the same time in all the world already there is no life, these are the remnant of what remains from the great war that they will fight one against the other in the world. So anyway most of the world will be destroyed and whoever remains comes against us. So as we see that [there's] life here in Israel, food, drink, sleeping and getting up, but there's no State - that's clear.