04 August 2015

Before the Revelation of Mashiach, the Spirit of Mashiach Is Felt

19 Menachem Av 5775

There are two things you should keep in mind when you read the following: 1) Meir is a "suspect" only because the Shabak has no actual evidence or proof of anything - just a blog, 2) Rabbi Kahane's 25th yahrtzeit is coming up in November and his grandson, who is named for him, is 24 years old.

Kahane's grandson's plan to spark a revolt and bring down Israel
Far-right activist Meir Ettinger was arrested by the Shin Bet, which says he developed a plan called 'the revolt', designed to inflame tensions and cause anarchy in order to hasten the end of days.

...[Meir] Ettinger, considered the Shin Bet's Jewish division's number one target, was arrested at his apartment in Safed. He is the grandson of far-right late US-born rabbi Meir Kahane, who advocated expelling Arabs from Israel and the Palestinian territories.

According to his worldview, violence must be committed in order to light the flames of conflict and cause the Israeli government to collapse. Anarchy would follow, and then a new order could be created.

"The meaning of bringing down the state is toppling the structure of the state and its ability to rule, and to build a new institution," wrote Ettinger in a document outlining his plan.

"To this end, we must work outside of the rules of the institution we want to bring down.

"If the 'contractor' sees there is a regime and keeps him from carrying out the mission, and the mission must be carried out, he must think now how to topple the regime that's stopping him from building the temple, which is preventing us from attaining full and true salvation," read the document.

"The idea of the revolt is very simple," continued Ettinger. "Israel has many 'weak points', subjects people tiptoe around so as not to cause riots. What we will do is simply 'spark' all these powder kegs, all the questions and the contradictions between Judaism and democracy. Between the Jewish character and the secular character, without fearing the results. Disturbing the ability to rule the country. That's the main part of the revolt's 'vort' (word) to break the rules and the entire status quo."

The document went on: "When you do this, you have to pay attention to the difference between 'breaking' the state, which is an action that doesn't pay enough attention to what is left of the fragments, and 'dismantling', which is the same action, only gentler and particularly careful. That is, ultimately the goal is disturbing the foundations of the state until the point where the Jews are forced to decide whether they want to take part in the revolution or in suppressing the revolt, because it will not be possible to ignore it or continue to sit and do nothing, because in practice the revolt will not permit the state's existence in the same way."

Ettinger was born in Jerusalem to Mordechai Ettinger, a rabbi at the Har Hamor and Ateret Kohanim yeshivas in Jerusalem, and Tova, the daughter of Rabbi Meir Kahane, the founder of the outlawed Kach movement.

Ettinger embarked on this path six years ago in the outpost of Ramat Magron, which was eventually evacuated, and with time became a well-known figure. He has previously encountered security forces in several incidents, such as when he entered Joseph's Tombin Nablus despite not being approved, and involvement in collecting information on security forces planning to evacuate West Bank outposts, which led to more than six months of detention for Ettinger.

At this point, he met friends from the Od Yosef Chai yeshiva in Yitzhar, and began to be drawn to Hasidic-messianic ideas about hastening salvation through deeds. The president of the yeshiva is Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh, a controversial figure who has been arrested for a series of publications about Arabs, including pamphlets stating that Arabs have no right to live in Israel.

According to the Shin Bet, Ettinger has continued to radicalize since then, and is at the head of a new organization, which was responsible for the arson at the Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fish in June.

Ettinger denied in a blog post that he was the chief of a Jewish terror organization: "To tell you the truth, I don't know what they in the Shin Bet wanted me to organize, and they should definitely look for other people to cast for the roles they need in their show for the media, but this urge of the Shin Bet to create an atmosphere, to put up appearances as if there is some 'organization' it exposed, clearly illustrates to us what those in the Shin Bet understand and are so afraid of," he wrote.

Attorney Yuval Zemer, who represents Ettinger, said he felt the arrest was more a matter of public relations than a true investigation.


Most Wanted Jewish Terror Suspect Arrested by Shin Bet

Israel's Shin Bet arrests Jewish extremist suspected of church attack


  1. Maybe we've just witnessed the revealing of Mashiach. Isn't he supposed to come out of Tsfat? This is being reported around the world in the same way as Pollard's announced release from prison. Very unusual.

    - a voice in the wilderness

    1. I would imagine that whoever Mashiach turns out to be, a lot of people will be disappointed because he's not exactly what they were expecting.

    2. Right. they might even find out that he's someone they dismissed as EREV RAV. How catastrophic would that be.

    3. Now you are just flying off the handle and speaking from ignorance. The simple truth is this - people's feelings and opinions about issues are worthless. The only thing that matters is Torah, Torah, Torah. What does the Torah say? Anyone who brings anything besides the Torah and especially anything outright opposed to the Torah no matter how high-minded, humanistic, "loving" or "compassionate" or "inclusive" - it's part of the Big Lie and not part of authentic Judaism. The "religious" Erev Rav promote a different "Torah" and a different "Judaism". Those who love and honor Hashem's Truth will recognize Mashaich. Those who desire this false Torah and false Judaism will oppose everything he stands for.

      Clearer now?

    4. So how is it okay to accuse all the hareidi MKs of being erev rav simply because they're sitting in the knesset and trying to get money for their constituents? Does the Torah say that we can malign them like that? Does the Torah permit you to print such accusations on your site?

    5. Actually, what I'm doing is trying to point out how ridiculous all this finger-pointing re: erev rav is. But i don't appreciate being called ignorant actually, and i don't particularly see someone who calls other people names as an authentic Jew either. What happened to you, Devash? you didn't used to be like this. things on your site are getting plain nasty.

    6. Yehudis, where did I call you a name? I said you are speaking out of ignorance. PLEASE read more carefully so as to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

      1) There is no mention of Erev Rav in this blog post. It was you who introduced it to this thread. PLEASE let's try to keep this subject to one thread only.

      2) Why did you not address the points I raised above?

  2. Violence is not the means to the end of the redemption. The Rebbe Rashab when forming the Soldiers of the House of David said clearly to stay away from even argument much less physical violence, and that the wars of the house of David (to bring the redemption) is by spreading the inner teachings of the Torah.

    Sounds like this Meir is extremely misguided and I wish he would use his energy to strengthen Yidishkeit instead of looking to start wars,

    1. I think it is you who is misguided. We've already been taught by chazal that when we are threatened physically (think Haman) then our response must be a spiritual one, but when they attack our Yiddishkeit (think Yavanim) then we must fight them physically and that's what the Chashmonayim did. And you'll recall that still, after the prayers and teshuvah were accepted by Hashem during the time of Purim, we still had to physically fight and kill those who came to attack us. And Queen Esther even asked for another day to do battle against our enemies.

      Mashiach is going to fight the wars of Hashem and it's not going to be bloodless as you anticipate.

    2. Why has this site descended to the level of ad hominem attacks?
      There are many interpretations of what's going to happen when Moshiach comes. Not all of them have anything to do with violence.
      And, there's no one around today on the level of Mordechai and Esther who can take the responsibility of telling us to go out and fight. It doesn't seem like a valid comparison.
      Just wondering why the Jews of the USSR who were certainly under spiritual attack (far more than we are today) didn't do battle with the Communists, if that's really what Chazal told us to do.

    3. It should be obvious. This applies when we have the power of the State with us. In Persia, Esther was the queen and she appealed to the king and he acquiesced to her requests. With the Yavanim, we were in our own land and we had a legitimate leader - the Cohen Gadol. When Mashiach comes he will undoubtedly do things that the Erev Rav rabbis have brainwashed people against even though it is legitimate Torah.

  3. I read some of this dialogue earlier in the day, and it appears that the edited out some things. Such as, when he was speaking about not being an organization, he did say that there were many individuals who were against the govt. and ...... (don't remember all of it). And I believe there was a reference to a Torah principle. They cleaned it up "to their advantage".

  4. BS"D


    After reading the above ... is this what the malls (see earlier comments) are being prepared for and how convenient for this upcoming fall? Also those facilities are reportedly being prepared in other European countries too from earlier articles. "Who" are those the General is inferring with questionable loyalties?

    - us updates

  5. We have some interesting traditions from the ari. He tells us that miriams well is near tiberias. Miriams well represents kadesh which was the southern most point of israel. If this is true its very possible that jerusalem or hebron is actually tzfat and that is why the mashiach comes from tzfat. Meron would then be the mountain of ephraim . Schem.

    1. It's not true. We have not only the remnants of the Temple Mount, but the Herod-built structure over the Me'arat HaMachpelah to prove where Jerusalem and Hebron are located, not to mention Kever David, Kever Rachel, and Kever Yosef.

  6. Just wondering where do people get this false, completely twisted information from? Our knowledge and facts about EY are true just as all of our Torah is! nili