30 December 2009

"Plastic Yiddishkeit"

Chapter 126 - Ain Od Melvado

...For the most part we have created a plastic Yiddishkiet, Hashem yishmor. Our present Yiddishkiet for the average frum Yid stands somewhere between total Hellenism with a kipa and tzitzis, to a very small emesdik group trying with all their koach to pull Yidishkiet back to its true roots. In-between these two extremes most of the Frum Yidden are caught between adhering partially to the lie, which means to the modern technological monetary g-d on one side and the true Yidden who are trying to live a true Yiddishe life according to Torah and Mitzvos detached from the lies on the other side.

Woe to us Am Yisroel! Oy olainu! As it stands now, very few will be able to survive this time of judgment, this last Berur before the Geulah, the redemption.

...In order to bring the Geulah quicker we must make waves, so to speak, cry out to Shamayim with a heart wrenching scream, begging Hashem to bring the Geulah now because the longer it waits the more Yidden, Lo Alainu, fall by the wayside and adopt the Sheker as true Emes. I am not speaking of the non-Frum, non-religious, because they are very far already. There will be among the non frum those who will at the last moment accept the truth and be saved. We must cry out for them as well. But for those who are supposed to be Erlicha Yidden close to Hakadosh Baruch Hu for those we are screaming and begging Hashem to bring the Geulah and Moshiach Tzidkainu because every moment now that Hashem delays the coming of the Geulah more and more frum Yidden are pulled into the belief and trust in the g-ds of the Hellenistic world, the Olam Hazah of Mitzraim of the Agel HaZahav....

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I have read their books and it made an impact on me.