04 November 2009


In the post dated November 1st, I wrote that, considering the evil the US perpetrates against Israel, the Jews who willingly remain there, who identify as Americans and who support the perpetrator of evil with their inherent kedusha and with their taxes, are traitors to their people. And I followed that with "That's my opinion!"

However, I was very wrong to say that. It is not simply my opinion. IT IS A FACT. And I had no right to try and take the sting out of the truth by saying it is only my opinion.

Wake up, brothers and sisters! You are in bed with our mortal enemy, Eisav! That makes you not only a traitor to your people and your land, but a traitor to your G-d as well. WAKE UP!!!! The windows have already been nailed shut and now the door is closing on you.

The time to do teshuva is almost gone.

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