03 December 2009

Call me crazy...

but I find this video laughable.

You can read about it here.

And if you can stomach it, you can see another video here and view the proud evangelical Xians of Westboro Baptist Church. (WARNING! Don't let it go past about halfway through, the images are defiling.)


  1. blessings. i am sorry but i did not find it hilarious. having been a staunch xtn for over 35 years, and then leaving after seeing through the lies, years and years of being fed with lies, i feel so many years of my life wasted.
    i did not know god could be killed and secondly, whoever wrote this song failed to go back in history and see the millions of deaths caused by xtns. we will see, whether G-d punishes the People or the 70 nations. As a noahide i can only prayG-d shows us the Mercy we never showed to His firstborn.

  2. 10rainbow, I am truly sorry if my remarks offended you. I've changed the word from "hilarious" which was a bit too strong to "laughable." Because the truth is, I laughed when I first saw it. I'm sure these people mean it very seriously, but thank G-d, the god they worship is not the ONE we know as the Master of the Universe. These prayers of theirs for our destruction will go unanswered. Such people would be pitiable if it were not for the danger they pose to others. Such people often feel that they can not sit back and wait for G-d to act, they want to help things along and this is where it gets dicey for Jews. You hear that my brothers and sisters!? Come home, already!

    Blessings upon you, 10rainbow for choosing the Path to Truth. May Hashem keep you steadfast in your resolve to follow His ways.

  3. Baruch Hashem that people like 10rainbow have had the veil lifted and can see reality. Don't forget 10rainbow - its all for the best. Things will work in the way the G-d intends. Keep to the 7 Noachide commandments and fighting the fight, and we will get there.

    Shabbat Shalom all!

  4. Devash, as a frum Jew I am very grateful for your numerous exposes on evangelical targeting of Jews, etc. However, Westboro Baptist Church is an extreme extreme outlier in the world of evangelical christianity. Even calling them a minority of evangelicals would be a major understatement. While I know you aren't representing them to be a majority or even a large movement, your post may lead people to believe that such craziness is more prevalent. Perhaps a disclaimer would be in order. This video is a major exception to the norm and this should be made known to your readers.

  5. You've just done it and very nicely, too. Thank you. Also, the article I linked to makes that very point.