06 December 2009

"The Mashiach's Greeting Party"

Taken from the article by Yisroel Besser in the 8 Kislev 5770 edition of Mishpacha Magazine:

...It was at the seudas mitzvah following the [Hachnasat Torah] procession that the assemblage heard a most poignant thought from the revered mashgiach, Rav Matisyahu Salomon. The mashgiach opened his address by publicly thanking HaKadosh Baruch Hu for the extraordinary progress that his rebbetzin has made since she sustained a heart attack this past summer. "I am in a situation of hodaah," he said, "and I wish to share something personal with you."

"One evening, when my rebbetzin was in the hospital, I dozed off as I sat by her bedside. I am not one who dreams, or remembers dreams, but I had the most vivid vision of the great rosh yeshivah, Rav Aharon Kotler. He looked exactly as he did when I saw him as a bochur in Gateshead, burning with fire and intensity."

...The mashgiach choked back a sob as he continued. "He looked right at me, and pointed his finger towards me. 'You...if you accept upon yourself to remain in Lakewood as mashgiach until Mashiach's arrival, then your rebbetzin will be cured and together with her, you will welcome Mashiach.'"

And the mashgiach turned to the awestruck audience. "Rabosai! he said until Mashiach comes! And I am not a young man anymore! Let's be prepared...."