23 December 2009

"Mida k'Neged Mida"

A really dear friend and fellow geula-watcher pointed this one out to me: What was Heaven's response to the US/EU demand to "FREEZE" Jewish settlement building?

Eastern U.S. Digs Out From Record Weekend Blizzard

Big *freeze* brings misery and death to Europe

A major winter storm takes aim on the Central U.S.


  1. I told the same thing to my friend at a wedding this past Monday evening. I guess great minds think alike.

  2. Scriptures mentions in Job what the snow and ice is for:

    Job 38
    18. Do you understand [everything] until the breadths of the earth? Tell if you know it all. יח.
    19. Which is the way to [the place] where the light dwells, and as for darkness-where is its place? יט.
    20. That you should take it to its border and that you should understand the paths of its house? כ.
    21. You knew- for then you were born, and the number of your days would be many. כא.
    22. Have you come to the treasures of snow, and did you see the treasures of hail? כב.
    23. That I saved for a time of trouble, for a day of battle and war? כג.
    24. Which way is the light parted, [which way] does the eastern one spread it over the earth? כד.
    25. Who has separated a place for the hair and a way for the cloud of the thunderclaps? כה.
    26. To rain on the earth where no man is; a desert in which there is no man. כו.
    27. To sate darkness and desolation and to cause a source of grass to sprout.