06 December 2009

Ain't It the Truth?

If you feel like reading something that will make you want to beat your head against a wall, try this over at Haaretz: Israel should give up Jerusalem as its capital

But I don't recommend it. What I do recommend are the Talkbacks. They are often more interesting than the articles and a whole lot smarter. Take this one for example---

Title: What the holiness of Jerusalem really means
by Chaia from Jerusalem

What the writer (and Haaretz) does not grasp, is the `energetic charge` of Jerusalem. Jerusalem isn`t called `holy` for no reason. There is an enormous outpouring of raw divine energy here, that is why it was called `the navel` of the world. This energy has to be channeled properly, in order to be beneficial to humanity. That is why the Temple was built, with very precise measurements, in order to contain this energy. The destruction of the Second Temple was like a melt-down on the scale of Chernobyl, energetically speaking. This energy needs to be contained again - which is what all orthodox people are trying to do with prayer and keeping mitzwot, greatly helped by a small number of tzaddikim (also female ones!) This raw divine energy is the reason both Jews and Moslims desire to live here, but the energy is dangerous if not contained properly. That is why the Turks and the British and any foreign occupiers did not manage to maintain their presence here!

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