01 November 2009

America is an Enemy

Maybe you won't want to read my blog anymore, but that's up to you. As far as I am concerned, all Jews who willingly remain in the USA, supporting it with their kedusha and their tax dollars, are traitors to the Jewish people. That's my opinion!

The image at left belongs to Jewish Israel. Read the rest of the story here.

And this is YOUR Military, American Jews!!


  1. Yeah, that comment definitely sounds like a deal breaker to me.

    You have become a negative, pessimistic, doom and gloom blog anyway.

    All the predicitions you posted about doom and gloom havent come true anyway so i am not even sure why you continue with the grasping at straws.

    Why am even reading the blog if i believe all that i just said?? Because you used to post normal inspiring things about moshiach or the coming of moshiach. now you sound like a mannic depressive who lives in a basement apartment with her mom!

    G-D bless you none the less!

    (Of course you wont post this, but i will keep commenting none the less!)


  2. The title should be

    "The Evangelical Crusaders",
    marching off to war!

  3. We have to understand that Eisav/Edom/Uncle Sam is as much a danger to us as Yishmael/Islam. The Jews in NY are as much collaborators with the enemy as the Jews continuing to sit in Tehran, in my opinion.

    It is just us and HKBH. That's the way it really is.

  4. By 5772, the fortunate ones will be coming home with their pajamas in a plastic bag.

  5. I think a better title is " The Pagangelical Crusaders"

  6. By the same token, those living in the holy land and paying taxes to the regime there support the heretical Israeli gov't that expels Jews en masse, freezes their land, etc. Your argument doesn't hold water, sorry.

  7. chenyok, you are very sadly mistaken. It is not at all the same. Despite the evils perpetrated by the Erev Rav regime since it's inception, from pre-state attempts to limit religious jewish aliyah to the crimes against Mizrachi olim to the expulsion of Jews from Aza, it remains that the same regime built every settlement in the Land of Israel. It built religious schools and yeshivas right slongside the secular schools. It built mikvaot, batei knesset, supported religious councils and provided religious services to every sector of Israeli society and guarded and protected Jews without which there could be no Jewish life in Eretz Yisrael. Despite all the evil, Jewish life thrives and flourishes in Eretz Yisrael. What the non-believing government does in its fear of the goyim, would never have occurred if the Jews in chu"l had been living here and doubled our population. If there wre 3 million Jews living in Yosh instead of only 300,000, there would be no talk, EVER, of expelling Jews from there. Also, from Aza, if there had been a million of you in Aza instead of only 8,000 of us....

  8. What you're saying concerning settling the land may well be true (incidentally, aliya is/was not needed to settle Yesha, those already in EY could/can do so, and thus were/are just as guilty for not settling it). But it doesn't change the fact that unfortunately your conclusion--that giving tax dollars to a gov't means endorsing its policies, and this alone is reason, nay a duty, to leave that country--doesn't follow.

  9. You still don't get it. It's not simply about tax dollars. What's more important than that is the kedusha that resides in Jews. The klipot feed off of it and get stronger. Every mitzva you do, every tefilla you utter, goes directly to the side of tuma.

    The legal definition of treason is "aiding and abetting an enemy at a time of war." The USA has undermined Israel at every opportunity and is dictating terms of surrender. You're very presence there nurtures Eisav and gives him the strength to continue his plan to destroy Israel.

    We saw this during the exile which defines all exiles. The Torah says we "emptied out Egypt" and it collapsed as a world power. When we left en masse, Egypt simply disintegrated. This is why the Jews who did not want to leave died in the darkness, G-d forbid, because they weren't willing to go and they could not be left behind.

    Please open your eyes and see the situation as it is and not the way you want it to be. You're forcing history to repeat itself, again and again.