26 December 2009


The idolaters and their families are coming up; foreign workers and their families are coming up; legal and illegal refugees and their families are coming up. Hashem looks from Shamayim and asks, "Where are my children; my chosen ones---the sons and daughters of Israel?"

"Rav Ya'acov Emden, in his commentary 'Beit Ya'acov', writes that 'not one in a thousand awakens to come to the Land of Israel, and because of that all our trouble in the exiles come about - because we do not come back to the Land of Israel.' "

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  1. My family and I made aliyah this past summer from the US. I can't say enough about the life and people here. It is absolutely awesome! Are there problems here? Definitely. Look around where you live now, you have problems too. Are your kids going to marry Jewish? Do you really care? Enough to do something about it?

    Hashem has provided miracle after miracle for us to allow us to live in the land again. To defeat our enemies again and again and again. Everyday is a miracle here and it doesn't take much attention on your part to actually feel it. All you have to do is want it.

    Come home, this place was made for you.