27 December 2009

Come to the Jewish Homeland and Celebrate...


Merry Xmas at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University

While one can argue that non-Jews attend the university as well, this does not remove the pain experienced by many on the campus of Jerusalem’s Hebrew University by the display of a fully adorned Xmas tree, in the heart of the Jewish capital.

More than one student questioned by one must see such a sight in the Jewish Homeland, a sight that may be commonplace on a campus in Europe or the United States, but one that simply has no place in Hebrew U. a campus that exists on Jewish philanthropy and government funds, an institute of higher education that is located in Yerushalayim, the capital of the Jewish People.

Sadly, the university’s student union feels differently, and the tree is part of the campus reality now, and the Gregorian New Year will indeed by marked as a special day, as is the case in goyish countries.

Joining the sad reality was Israel Radio, the government-funded state radio that last week aired many Xmas songs, songs that one would expect to hear in a church or Christian radio station, but not in Eretz Yisrael.

And there is even more over at Jewish Israel.
If the rest of you frum Jews do not come and help us, we are fighting a losing battle here!!