17 December 2009

And no one seems to ask why

Border Police to Recruit: Will You Expel Your Friends?

(IsraelNN.com) Border police officials have admitted that a security office acted improperly for throwing out a recruit after asking him if he would expel friends and family from his own community in the southern Hevron Hills. Senior Border Police officials, after hearing the report about the youth, identified as “E” was, invited him for another interview and accepted him for basic training.

...After his son was thrown out of the recruiting office, his father called the military correspondent for Voice of Israel government radio, whose report caused Border Police officials to reconsider the case. Border Police spokesman Moshe Finsi explained to Israel National News that the question was proper but that the security official did not have authority to decide to reject "E."

The youth's family praised the Border Police for personally calling them and correcting the mistake....
Honenu: Govt. Has 'Declared War' Against Loyal Jews

Director of the Honenu legal rights group, Shmuel Medad, said Thursday that the government's petition against the release of Tzviya Sariel meant that the government, like the army, "has declared war against a Jewish community in Israel that is loyal to the state and the Word of G-d, and agrees that the army and the legal system are to be respected, even if they contradict Jewish law and work against their interests.

Someone needs to define "loyalty" for them. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP! The war with the Erev Rav will not be won with coffee, cakes and hugs!! It is not possible to be loyal to BOTH the State AND Hashem and His Torah!

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