08 November 2009


Another "date" passed, one I actually dared to quote this time, and the perennial doubters, scorners, naysayers and mockers came out of the woodwork, as always.

Please allow me to remind you of what I actually wrote back on October 27: "I'm not saying this is for sure, we won't know until the day arrives, but there is a very strong possibility that 20 MarCheshvan will mark a turning point in this long and drawn-out geula process."
Let me remind you all of something else. In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, no one knew anything momentous had happened. In the immediate aftermath of the Asian tsunami, no one knew that anything truly momentous had happened. It was only as the days passed and the reports began arriving that it became clear how big an event this turned out to be.

The Sefer Eliyahu says: "On the twentieth (day) of Marheshvan, the world will be shaken ‘and the heavens and the earth will quake.’ "

This could have been a physical event, but it appears that, if anything at all happened, it was a social event. The Muslim massacre at Ft. Hood, Texas followed by passage of Obama's health "reform" bill, together, may finally push America over the brink and start the Second American Revolution.

We will see how the public reacts over the next few days and weeks. Everything becomes clearer in retrospect.

On the other hand, Abbas's anouncement that he will not run for re-election may turn out to be the move that paves the way for Mashiach's entrance. That would certainly be an event that would "shake heaven and earth!"

Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths made a good point about this being a process. Please re-read my previous words quoted above:

"...will mark a turning point in this long and drawn-out geula process."

What can a blogger do when the readers can't read? I get a lot of "anonymous" comments---critical, derogatory comments---as one might imagine from those who hide behind anonymity. It goes with the territory. But it's clear from what they write that they very often assume what is going to be said and take off from there, without reading carefully with an open mind to see what the blogger has actually written.

I'm not inclined to waste my time defending what is clearly written, just because some (or many) are too lazy to read with understanding. And then there are those who are just looking for an excuse to accuse.

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