01 December 2009

The War for Jerusalem Just Escalated

EU to recognize East Jerusalem as capital of Palestinian state
By Barak Ravid, Haaretz Correspondent

European Union foreign ministers are expected to officially call next week for the division of Jerusalem, to serve as the capitals of both Israel and Palestine. A draft document authored by the current holder of the rotating EU presidency, Sweden, and implying that the EU would recognize a unilateral Palestinian declaration of statehood, has been obtained by Haaretz.

Jerusalem is waging a diplomatic campaign to keep the EU from issuing such an endorsement, but diplomats close to the EU deliberations believe it is virtually inevitable.

EU foreign ministers are scheduled to meet on December 7 for a two-day meeting in Brussels on the peace process, after which a statement outlining the body's Mideast policy is expected.

It goes on from there. G-d forbid, we're gonna wake up one morning and there will be EU security checkpoints to pass before approaching the Kotel. And G-d forbid, if they deem it a provocation to the Arabs, they'll just turn us away. It's time to think about what you'll do if it comes to that.


  1. Blessings. i believe the holy sages wrote its always darkest before the dawn.
    they can plan and sweat and plan, but Hashem has His own blue print Plan.

  2. Once that is done the secret plague that is in every Muslim community will surface and it'll be like the plague of London with dead bodies in the streets every morning. AIDS will catch show what these Islamist are really all about.