20 December 2009


Looking at the latest escapades of Tweedledummer, aka Israel's "Defense" Minister, something interesting occurred to me. Throughout all these years, all that could be said in the defense of the "Zionist" chiloni "leaders" of Israel is that they built up the physical infrastructure of the state; funded yeshivot; paid out generous child subsidies for large families; and ran a moral army which defended us all.

But what do we see today from these people? They seriously cut the child allowances. They've gone to war against the yeshiva rabbis. They are destroying the fighting spirit of the army with their shabby politics. And they are dismantling and bulldozing half the State.

Do you not see that they are taking apart their own merit brick by brick until Hashem will no longer have any reason to spare their feeble, empty lives?

As they dismantle and give away the State of Israel, they are unwittingly bringing the geulah shleimah closer to fruition. This is good news for those Jews who are faithful and loyal to HKB"H.


Here is another thought, although there is no silver lining in it. I was reading about the month of Tevet in the Eliyahu Kitov Book of Our Heritage. I've read it many times before, but for some reason it never struck me like it did yesterday that the 8th, 9th, and 10th of Tevet are called "The Three Days of Darkness." And day eight coincides with the biggest idolatry holiday of the year in Eisavland. Our sources say that Yeshu was a gilgul of Eisav. How ironic (and appropriate) is it that Eisavland celebrates their father's birthday every year in this way! And if Eisav is going to fall, how ironic (and appropriate) would it be for it to occur on this day of their calendar which coincides with "the three days of darkness."

If only all the Jews in Eisavland would come home to Eretz Yisrael without any further delay. What is Hashem to do when the Jews choose to remain in Egypt???
To conclude, I''ll share with you these words from Rav Nachman Kahana:

There are two kinds of people who reject the idea that we are God’s chosen people. There are the vast majority of gentiles who reject it, but with a certain percentage of them who agree that HaShem chose the Jews. And I am saddened to say that there are far too many Jews who do not agree that we are God’s chosen.

How can one test himself in this matter?

The litmus test is the declaration of Aleinu.

Aleinu states:

It is our duty to praise the Master of all, to exalt the Creator of the universe, who has not made us like the nations of the world and has not placed us like the families of the earth. Who has not designed our destiny to be like theirs nor our lot like that of all their multitude.

Now if you choose to live among the gentiles, by necessity their destiny will be yours. When the value of homes fall in Lawrence NY, the calamity does not affect the home of Reilly and the home of Colombo and then skip over Goldberg’s home; because they all live on the same street and their destiny is one.

If the impending military draft will call up Johnny from down the block, it will also call up your son Yankel. If the US limits the amount of dollars one may take out of the country, it will relate to you too.

If you believe that we are HaShem’s chosen people and hence our destiny is a privileged one, why are you living among the goyim?

You can have a unique Jewish destiny living in Hungary or Poland or Vermount, but only if you can also remain dry when jumping into a pool of water.

Do yourselves a favor. Ask your rabbi or rosh yeshiva how he can recite Aleinu while refusing to cast his lot and destiny with his brothers and sisters in Eretz Yisrael?

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  1. "As they dismantle and give away the State of Israel, they are unwittingly bringing the geulah shleimah closer to fruition. This is good news for those Jews who are faithful and loyal to HKB"H."

    Amen! (you would think that after Ariel Sharon's coma that they would learn a lesson or two about what happens when people give away the Land)