23 November 2023

The Elephant In The Room

11 Kislev 5784
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Vayetzei

"Jacob departed from Beer-sheva and went toward Haran", alone and penniless, for the son of his brother Eisav took everything he had.  Thus begins our parashah.  But, when he returns at the end of the parashah, he is accompanied by wives and children and servants and animals of all kinds - a very rich man.  What will be Eisav's reaction?  Stay tuned.


I grew up in the shadow of the Viet Nam War.  I freely admit that had some influence over my decision at age 17 to stop reciting the Pledge of Allegiance every morning in homeroom.  I was a very proud Texan.  American?  Not so much.  In fact, I became convinced that the independent Republic of Texas that my ancestors had fought for and immigrated to was the very first country the Americans invaded and took over!

I spent the better part of my life trying to escape the American/Christian/Eisav/Edom Empire's influence only to find it firmly ensconced here in my adopted homeland.  You just can't get away from 'em.  You see, America is the elephant in the room that has over-stayed its welcome and now refuses to be budged.  It's acting more and more "at home", even to treating its hosts as if it were the master and they were mere servants.  

Practically the whole of America's history from "Manifest Destiny" to the "War on Terror" (which has now arrived here) is one long horrendous story of meddling and conquest.  We've been reading many accounts over the past six or so weeks about high government and military officials from the United States sitting amongst our Defense establishment micromanaging this war - telling us what we can and can't do.  Pressuring us - bullying us - threatening us.  Besides Lloyd Austin and Antony Blinken and the Centcom guy (whoever he is), even the CIA is involved in the hostage negotiations.  The CIA!!!  Hashem yerachem!!!

Americans have turned sharply against Israel because they feel they have been forced into this situation with us against their will, that we are depending on them for their help, and that help and support is getting their soldiers injured and killed in the Middle East and might possibly loose terrorism on their streets.  This is what their government and media and influencers tell them, that they have to defend Israel.  However, we know that they were never here to help, but only to hinder, to control, to make sure we were weakened to the point that we could no longer refuse their terms for a "two-state solution".  This has always been a two-front war - Yishmael AND Eisav!!

And we certainly DON'T NEED them.  


Some Biden administration officials quietly say the hostage exchange agreement is the clearest signal yet its strategy toward the Israel-Hamas war is working.

...“The administration has judged that supporting Israel post-Oct.7 was a necessary ingredient of having influence on Israel,” said [Ivo] Daalder. “It doesn’t mean that influence has been total … but had they not done that, they would’ve had no influence. And in some ways that remains very much the focus of their strategy.

...A Democratic aide in the House said that, depending on the circumstances of the deal, progressives would leverage the moment to push Biden toward backing longer pauses in fighting. “If there are no bombings for five days, the goal would be to turn that temporary respite into a longer-lasting cessation” to deal with humanitarian issues, the staffer said.

Just like the opponents of the deal have said.  They mean for the war to be essentially ended with the beginning of the ceasefire, i.e. Hamas will NOT be wiped out.  Furthermore, their "strategy" is just another example of Eisavian hypocrisy.   They pretend to be our friend in order to manipulate us into bending to their will - for interests which benefit THEM, even if it harms us.

Excerpts from Rabbi Nachman Kahana on Parashat Vayaitzai (Please read in its entirety):
The Importance of Knowing Your Enemies

Before entering a war it’s a good idea to determine who your enemy is and the extent of his hatred.

The Jews and especially the Jews in Israel have no real friends, but we certainly have real enemies. Some are frank and open in their despicable intentions toward us, and others are deceitful that when they pat you on the back they are planning to place a knife in your back.

The Gemara (Pesachim 118b) discloses that when the Mashiach will appear, nations will come forward to present him with homage and gifts. HaShem will decide from whom the Mashiach may accept gifts and who will be rejected.

HaShem will permit the acceptance of gifts even from Egypt despite our “difficult” past with them, and from other nations.  However, when the descendants of Aisav come with their offerings, they will be rejected by HaShem because Aisav has the characteristics of a wild boar (pig) symbolizing hypocrisy.  A pig sleeps on its side and extends its feet to exhibit his kosher split hooves, while concealing the treif character of not chewing its cud.

Aisav and his descendants are the personification of hypocrisy, just as the pig symbolizes hypocritical behavior among the animals.

...Ya’akov’s nemesis was different [from Yitzchak's]. He was the cool, calculating, deceitful, duplicities, treacherous twin brother – Aisav.

Aisav very much wanted to kill Ya’akov. But unlike his brutish uncle Yishmael, Aisav was sly and devious, not one to attack in a moment of uncontrolled fury. Aisav was the planner, the committee man, the parliamentarian, the strategist, and the snake that springs at his victim at the opportune time and from the proper angle. Bereisheit 27:42

Aisav hated Ya’akov because of the blessing his father had given him (to Ya’akov). Aisav thought, “When the days of mourning for my father are near (after father dies), then I will kill my brother Ya’akov.”

...Aisav, through Christianity, is more devious and much more dangerous for the Jewish people.  Aisav shows a smiling face while hiding the knife behind his back.


(All the US ships sitting off our coastline.)

It's time to put this elephant 
back in the zoo where it belongs.


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  1. Before Moshiach comes, the truth will be ne'ederet, with ayin, from lashon eder, sheep. People will go after all kinds of nonsense like sheep thinking it's the truth.

    Rav Kahana is the best. Jewish aliya and missionary prevention in EY are two sides of the same coin. Instead we get gentile and missionary aliya and prevention of missionary prevention. (The Alina, RIP, case is also part of the onslaught. Her non-Jewish mother came to the Jewish country, and now her case is being exploited to overrule the rabbinut. (I don't blame the grieving mother, but those cynically exploiting the case)).