24 November 2023


11 Kislev 5784
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Vayetzei

Normally, I would wait until after Shabbat to send this out, but I feel that the information is so critical that the extra few hours of exposure may make a difference.

Private individuals allied with foreign interests who undermine the Jewishness of our Nation apparently appointed themselves to the task of "helping" and "representing" the hostages and their families very early on in this saga.  They neither sought, not received any official authorization for it.  And then they set out to fulfill their own agenda at the expense of the entire country!!

Only a week after the massacre, the families were already organized, demonstrating publicly and putting pressure on the government to negotiate for the hostages, basically at any cost.  
(Oct 14) Israeli families of Gaza hostages accuse government of abandoning their loved ones
The spokesman of the families of missing Israelis feared held captive in Gaza slams the government for abandoning the hostages after it says it will not engage in negotiations.

Ronen Tzur, head of The Families Headquarters, says at a press conference in Tel Aviv that if Israel will not negotiate with enemies who want to destroy Israel — according to the statement made earlier by National Security Adviser Tzachi Hanegbi — then the government is, in effect, abandoning the captives.

...Speakers at the press conference, including Dr. Hagai Levine and diplomat Eviatar Manor, demand a response from the government and the Red Cross within the next few hours. Both Levine and Manor emphasize the need to offer immediate medical attention to the captives.

“It’s essential that it’s done now, tonight, immediately,” says Manor.

When I looked up The Families Headquarters, I found a link to a Haaretz article which described it on Oct. 14 as "a newly formed volunteer effort."  According to the article's title, they were already appealing publicly for international "support."   (Angry and Anxious, Families of Israelis Held in Gaza Demand Support From the International Community)

While one can sympathize with the dire distress of the families and the obvious needs of the hostages, cooler and less emotional heads needed to be running things and making these decisions, especially those who could take under consideration the entirety of the Nation which was standing in danger.  Important as it was, there were equally (and likely more) urgent matters to deal with.  And to immediately start calling for the "International Community" to intervene?!  With a war in progress??!!

The government, poor though it may be, was elected by the Nation specifically to handle such situations which all too frequently develop here.  By nature of their positions, the upper echelons do have access to critical information that the people on the street simply do not have.  The government has to be the final arbiter unless we actually want to lose the war.  

Furthermore, we suffer inordinately more from foreign pressures than other nations already, but such pressure from within, no matter how 'well-meaning' (if it really was), simply cannot be tolerated.  One could very well determine that this was the beginning of an insurrection armed with media and posters!  (And lots and lots and lots of money!!!)

So who hijacked the plight of the hostages and their families very likely for their own agenda???

Voice for Freedom Coalition 

Voice for Freedom is a coalition of over 250 organizations from over 70 countries mobilized to be a voice for the hostages taken during the October 7, 2023 Hamas attack on innocent civilians, at the request of the families of the hostages. This coalition will represent families of hostages through a massive international media and diplomatic pressure campaign calling for the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages taken during the attack.

Our Plan
The Voice for Freedom Coalition is Ready to Fight

How We'll Succeed
Creation, production and distribution of quality media to continue building the momentum of public sympathy on behalf of the hostages and their families.

Mass demonstrations before international human rights groups starting with the UN Human Rights Council and the Offices of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva.

Mobilizing, equipping and activating Christian leaders worldwide to apply diplomatic pressure in face to face meetings with decision makers who can actually make a difference in this situation.

The coalition is led by attorney Calev Myers and facilitated through the ARISE Foundation. Calev has been an advocate on behalf of marginalized communities for over twenty years. He has dedicated his life to elevating the dignity of all people groups within the nation of Israel. Calev has effectively run major PR campaigns on behalf of the victims of human trafficking, victims of violations of civil rights within Israel, and victims of war crimes at the hands of Hamas.

The Voice for Freedom Coalition, which is growing each day, is committed to seeing the immediate and unconditional return of these babies, children, elderly, women and men.

ARISE, the Alliance to Reinforce Israel’s Security and Economy is a U.S. 501c3. ARISE was founded in 2017 by Calev Myers. As an attorney and partner in one of Israel’s leading law firms, Calev’s unique platform enables him to interface with both the global Christian community and the Israeli government and business sectors.

ARISE has been able to connect thousands of businesses around the world with the cutting edge technology and innovation coming out of Israel. This has helped solve major global problems and plays a crucial role in Israel being a light to the nations. To date, the ARISE team has been able to help facilitate over $600 million dollars worth of transactional business through their targeted initiatives.

In times of crisis, the ARISE team kicks into high gear on the security side of their platform, acting as a voice for Israel and mobilizing the global Christian community to engage and act on behalf of Israel.

In addition to Calev’s career as an attorney in one of Israel’s leading law firms, Calev is a serial social entrepreneur. Before pivoting his efforts to ARISE, Calev founded and ran the Jerusalem Institute of Justice, through which he represented religious minorities [read "Messianics"] in Israel leading to over 30 Supreme Court victories. He also spearheaded campaigns to bring awareness and changing legislation on behalf of marginalized communities [read "Messianics] in Israel, specifically lone soldiers and victims of human trafficking.

Residing in the US, Shimon oversees the day to day operations and initiatives of ARISE. Prior to pivoting with his brother to the ARISE initiative, Shimon served alongside Calev as Executive Director for the Jerusalem Institute of Justice. A bit of a renaissance man, Shimon owned and operated a jewelry design and manufacturing company in his early life. He has been a singer/songwriter with television placement, a poker professional, and currently works in film production/directing. If you can’t reach Shimon, he’s probably out on a mountain stream fly fishing

by Diane Weber Bederman via The Times of Israel

I want to introduce you to Caleb Myers. Caleb is a well-known Israeli attorney and civil rights activist. He is a clean cut, well-dressed, well-spoken advocate for Israel. I have listened to him deliver first class talking points. Caleb is also founder and chief counsel of the Jerusalem Institute of Justice. I have visited the Facebook page. It’s slick and full of well-written articles about Israel. It’s just that Myers and his organization, Jerusalem Institute for Justice, represent the interests of Messianic Jews; Jews who accept Jesus as their saviour.

...Of grave concern are the actions of messianic lawyer Calev Myers who has been fighting in the Israeli Supreme Court for messianic rights, including initiating changes in the law-of-return that with help messianic missionaries become Israeli citizens. Myers and the messianic movement are trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the Israeli public. It is misleading for them to claim that the only difference between "messianic Jews" and other Jews, is their belief that Jesus is the Messiah. This was highlighted by Myers’ recent quote in the Jerusalem Post comparing messianic Jews to messianic Chabadniks. In fact, "Messianic Jews" intentionally avoid mentioning a fundamental difference. In addition to believing Jesus is the Messiah, they believe he is God in the flesh and part of a Trinity. Beliefs considered idolatrous by all denominations of Judaism.....

Remember our 'old friend' Jeurgen Buehler, President and Founder of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ), the poisoned root from which all the Christian Missionary activity in this country sprouts? Listen...


The families are being flown around the world to meet with Christian groups where they are prayed over in the name of the man-god.

They've even been to Washington, D.C....

Power elite of Washington unite in mission to free Gaza hostages 
After visiting the gravesite of the Chabad Rebbe, hostage families traveled to Washington where they inspired an army of legislators to fight on their behalf.
Just like I've been telling you since Oct. 7, 2023. We are at war BOTH with Yishmael AND with Eisav. Right now, few people understand this. Consequently, the war with Eisav is not being prosecuted. We basically stand defenseless against Eisav (which includes all the 'diplomatic' treachery carried out by the American government).

And why are we not calling the missionary onslaught of "street preachers" right now what it really is - Christian Terrorism? They've been plaguing Klal Yisrael for months and months now!!

Jews want to defend themselves and their fellow citizens, but they don't know how to fight such an undefined and undeclared enemy who comes in the name of "love of Israel". Who will defend us against Eisav??? Isn't that supposed to be one of the jobs of Mashiach Ben Yosef???

It's certainly no coincidence that this information is coming forth as we read the parshiot of the relationship between Eisav and Ya'aqov/Yisrael.

You'll want to hear this, too, especially from 3:15 - 3:44.

I hope this will serve to support the wise counsel and courage of HaRav David Bar-Hayim and our brother Yehonatan Pollard.

Here is an important message from Machon Shilo via its Telegram Channel: 
The following is a statement by Machon Shilo's Rabbi David Bar-Hayim which relates to the subject of the discussion with Jonathan Pollard which has attracted media attention: [In case you missed it, see HERE.]

"We expect soldiers to go to war for Klal Yisrael. Why? Because the klal comes first. Similarly, in our current situation, the overarching issue is the destruction of Klal Yisrael's existential enemies. The hostages must, tragically, come second. This is heart wrenching but true. This is the fundamental moral imperative. Any other approach is immoral.This is what the Tora and the Halakha teach us. It is also what a rational assessment demands. The fact that the Tora and rational analysis concur is not serendipitous coincidence."

 With many, many thanks to HKB"H for our Torah Leadership, I wish all of Klal Yisrael, in spite of the precipice we are teetering on,...

 Shabbath Shalom uMevorach!



  1. Thank you for all you do!!!
    Only with H's Help will we win; that's for sure. I can't see where we get anywhere unless the real Jewish (frum & even secular but G-D fearing Jewish neshamot) unite and really demonstrate to gain power like Mattisyahu and his sons did at this time of year more than 2000 years ago. Then we will see victory. These leftist radical meshumadim and G-Dless so-called Jews are evil and have the backing of the evil nations of the world; that is why it is so difficult to break through.
    When the government, the leaders in the military and the evil satanic court system are all made up of erev rav amaleikim. We need MBY or maybe the eternal Moshiach ben Dovid will already arrive to win this battle. But, if the real Jews would gather enough courage to 'unite' to fight these wicked beings, then H' will help and give us victory, just as in the Chanukah story. We need to also cry out as in the times of Moshe Rabbeinu when the Jews had enough and now Am Yisrael has surely had enough of this avodah zorah, evil and tumah which might have reached, c'v, the 50th level. H' show us Rachamim b'chesed NOW!

  2. What is HKB"H going to have to do to put a stop to this anarchy??? Maybe the government needs to put a curfew in place. I mean they did it for COVID. This is a lot more serious than that was.

    Tel Aviv rally for hostages draws 100,000 to mark ’50 days of hell’ since October 7

    Hearing that they only had rice to eat for the past two weeks, it sounds like Hamas was on the ropes. Just think what could have been accomplished had the water and electric remained off and no aid trucks had ever entered to replenish supplies. This weak excuse for a government will be held criminally liable for the worst fashla in all of Israel's history. And it just grows from day to day. Ad matai!?

    Father reunites with wife, children,...

    ...I want to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to our sons, who endured great suffering, as well as to the IDF, the Israeli government, and the Security Cabinet for their dedicated efforts. I extend my thanks to the wonderful people of Israel for their unwavering support," ....

    "A profound thank you goes to the Families of the Captives organization, which tirelessly works towards bringing them all back.

    SOMEONE's missing.

  3. Of course, he 'forgot' to thank Hashem! Now, what would we expect from those who threw H' out of their lives long ago. This was, r'l, the wakeup call that H' gave them; but there are those who didn't learn anything and those so unused to thanking the Creator for anything, it did not even dawn on them and he might just think that there's no one else to thank but those nice people who were the saviors. Such is the matzav Am Yisrael is in at keitz hayamim and, therefore, we need to pray hard for H's Great Mercy and Forgiveness for His people who were scattered among the nations for millenia. H' Yerachem!
    Only Hashem can help; may it be immediate.