21 April 2021

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

10 Iyyar 5781
Day 25 of the Omer

A perfect example of what we've been saying all week.  The rot has spread further and deeper than you can imagine.  Tweeted by the "International Spokesperson for the Jewish Community in Hebron"...

But, this is nothing new for him. See Fleisher with Cult-leader Adnan Aktar in Turkey in 2017.  [Keeping this in mind: Adnan Oktar: Turkish TV preacher arrested on fraud and abuse charges (2018); Turkish televangelist sentenced to 1,075 years for sex crimes (2021)]

He didn't go alone.  He was with the members of the so-called Nascent Sanhedrin.  They are all in on this, too.

"Uniting Eisav and Yishmael"

"Coming Together as One Despite Our Differences"