10 April 2021

Praying to Extend the Exile

 29 Nissan 5781

What else can you call it?

And Jews who support, enable and pray for the United States ( or any other Diaspora country) are no different.


  1. The galut mentality has been alive and well for 2000 years already. And now, with the SOI doing its best to be part of the galut by being a 'country for all its citizens', what can we expect from all those who don't want to give up that mentality? That's why we always get 'potched' in panim from Above from time to time, to wake us up. The pull of the materialism and assimilation is so embedded in those who are so galutified, that it's a real problem. Moshiach must come NOW!

  2. There is a halachic and historic precedent for saying a prayer for the welfare of the goyish government - as taught in Pirkei Avot that if not for the power in charge, people would swallow each other.

    There is, perhaps, a difference between praying for the welfare and making a fancy PR video advertising it. Also, one would have to assume that such a prayer would be subservient to all of the prayers requesting, begging, demanding for our full redemption, kingdom of son of David, rebuilding Beit Hamikdash, return of the Schina to dwell amongst us.