14 April 2021

The World Council of Religious Leaders - One Tip of the Iceberg

2 Iyyar 5781

This universal, humanistic religion which has been handcrafted for the New World Order, using parts from everywhere, is the single greatest threat to the Jewish nation today.  They pervert the words of the Holy Torah and relegate it to being an equal among all other religious texts, as they do Judaism and the Jewish people as well.  In this way, they destroy the very foundation of everything that makes us unique and holy and chosen, a guiding light of Truth in the midst of the darkness of an idolatrous world where humankind attempts to crown itself the highest authority.

The World Council of Religious Leaders aims to serve as a model and guide for the creation of a community of world religions. In the spirit of service and humility, it seeks to inspire women and men of all faiths in the pursuit of peace, justice and mutual understanding. It will undertake initiatives to provide the spiritual resources of the world's religious traditions to assist the United Nations and its agencies in the prevention, resolution and healing of conflicts and in the eradication of their causes and in addressing social and environmental problems. By promoting the practice of the spiritual values shared by all religious traditions, and by uniting the human community for times of world prayer and meditation, the World Council seeks to aid in developing the inner qualities and external conditions needed for the creation of a more peaceful, just and sustainable world society.

The role of religious leaders has never been more important in helping to set a new direction for the human community. The World Council will encourage the religious traditions and the United Nations to work in closer cooperation in building a community of the world's religions to work for the benefit of the global family. In a fragile world that grows increasingly violent, we are coming together to further dialogue and to build a foundation of trust so that religious leaders can be an effective and powerful vehicle for peace. (Source) 
"Woe to those who say of the evil that it is good and of the good that it is evil; who present darkness as light and light as darkness, who present bitter as sweet and sweet as bitter. Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, and in their own estimation, of profound understanding." (Yeshayahu 5.20-21)

According to the New World Order, ideas like the Jews being singled out to fulfill a unique mission within the framework of a special relationship to the Creator, that the Torah and the Land of Israel were given to the Jews exclusively, that certain relationships are forbidden, etc. have all just been misunderstood!!  God forbid!!

Chief Rabbis of Israel Declared Hinduism to be a Monotheistic Faith - NOT Idolatrous!!

Swami Dayananda Saraswati organised the first Hindu-Jewish meet in February 2007 at New Delhi. Facilitated by “The World Council of Religious Leaders”, this was a great event as both the Hindu and Jewish traditions, which do not have aggressive programs of conversion, and advocated a way of life to accomplish the view.

• This Hindu-Jewish dialogue was aimed at highlighting common cultural features and common philosophies behind the two religions while gladly accepting the differences. A joint declaration was issued acknowledging the shared values of two traditions and for deepening the bilateral relationship predicated on the recognition of One Supreme Being.

• A second summit was held at Jerusalem, February 17-20, 2008. The Government of Israel supported the meet and the entire Rabbinate and Jewish scholars participated in the dialogue. The Hindu delegation consisted of members of the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha, including representatives of Shankaracharyas. This second meet was as extraordinary as the first one in that it emphasized and illustrated the importance of honest dialogue between any two religious traditions to resolve seemingly irresolvable differences. The Jerusalem meet concluded with a landmark declaration that Hindus worship “One Supreme Being” and are not really idolatrous. The implications of this are profound in content and far-reaching in effect.

 • Judaism was born of the complete repudiation of idol worship and rabbinic literature abounds with denunciation of idolatry. Due to an incomplete understanding, Hinduism has been perceived by the Jewish traditions as idolatrous and promoting many gods. For centuries, both the Hindus and Jewish people have experienced at the hands of aggressive religions extremely violent consequences of wrong perceptions. The Historic declaration made at the Jerusalem meet sets to rest the wrong notion that Hinduism is idolatrous. The declaration reads: “It is recognized that One Supreme Being in its formless and manifest aspects has been worshipped by Hindus over millennia. The Hindus relate to only the One Supreme Being when he/she prays to a particular manifestation. This does not mean that Hindus worship ‘idols’. They worship devataas who are manifestation of the One Supreme Being”. 
The Chief Rabbi announced that it was a matter of relief to know that their hitherto held perception was wrong. 
(On this declaration one can read Swami Dayananda Saraswati’s article published by the media). This declaration is indeed a hallmark declaration showing way for meaningful dialogue between leaders of different religious traditions and to help remove wrong perceptions arising from lack of understanding and / or misunderstanding.  (Source) 



There is no one upon whom we can rely except 

our Father in Heaven!!!!


  1. H' yerachem, the news just gets worse by the minute! Please H' when will YOU destroy the evil and bring us our salvation?
    If anything proves that the 'rabbis' who work for the memshalah are Erev Rav, this should be it; if they can actually endorse the ultimate avoda zorah of hinduism and partner it (hard for me to write these words) with Yahadut, then that should answer it for all of us! How will we be able to end the reign of the erev rav? Think only with the coming of Moshiach tzdkeinu!
    With so many unaffiliated, ignorant Jews in EY and worldwide, what will be? Moshiach must come IMMEDIATELY! We need to make a worldwide gathering in every corner of the earth where there are Jews and pray together at the same time, for H's rachamim and save us from these reshaim and their evil plans. Mostly, that MBY/MBD come immediately. We need to storm the Heavens with our Tefilot until H' answers our pleas!

  2. This is absurd. Besides being obviously polytheistic, Hinduism is one of the most viciously racist belief systems on earth. Put a dalet (aka "untouchable") and someone from any other caste in the same room and just observe what transpires. This is invisible to most people who are completely unaware of the nuances of Hindu thought or Indian culture.

  3. The chief rabbinate is also a man created thing outside the chain of mesorah from moshe rabbeinu and the true rabbonim. No wonder how they perceive things. Furthermore they are also an important fragment of the "israeli nationalistic selfworship religion", called Medinat Israel. This religion is practiced by a huge part of Israeli society. Avodah zarah joining avodah zarah, no chiddush.

  4. Rivka Levy14/4/21 1:22 PM

    The link with the Sabeans is fascinating.

    I wrote this about the Sabeans a few weeks' back, and their connections to Frankists and Freemasonry - a lot of the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall into place:


  5. Wow,what a wonderful bunch of comments. Agree with each and every one of them. This is beyond absurd that it boggles the mind that even an ignoramus would be startled to find out that so-called rabbis would dare come to such an insane conclusion as to compare our holy Torah/Yahadut to the 'most idolatrous worship of all, Hinduism! They either went completely INSANE or completely CORRUPT = total 'Erev Rav'.
    This must be nipped in the bud! It cannot go an inch further without our people protesting and also praying to H' that HE Act with Mercy upon us because of this greatest of sins!

  6. Why is this just coming to light now?
    Notice the dates...