20 April 2021


8 Iyyar 5781
Day 23 of the Omer

(Part 1, Part 2)

At the end of part two, I made a bold statement...

"The last bastion of real Torah Judaism rests with those Jews who have a chareidi hashkafa (worldview).  That is why we've seen all-out war declared on the chareidi communities throughout the year of Corona."
I should clarify that not everyone with a chareidi worldview lives in a chareidi enclave.  And not everyone who lives in a chareidi enclave and dresses "chareidi" actually holds to a chareidi worldview. But, I think the majority do.  In any case, whether we do or not, the world perceives "chareidi" Judaism to be representative of the real problem and we need to know that this includes everyone, 'officially' chareidi or not, who follows what, in my own mind, is simply Torah Judaism.
The Haredim as a Challenge for the Jewish State The Culture War over Israel’s Identity SWP Research Paper 2020
During the year of the coronavirus plandemic, chareidi communities in Eretz Yisrael were under siege.  They were unjustly (and falsely) blamed for being super-spreaders of the virus due to factors unique to their segment of society:

1)  Large families in small living space.
2)  Cut off from information due to lack of iPhones and Internet connections.

So it was claimed.  The real reason was twofold:  1)  to equate the Torah world's choice of large families and full-time Torah learning with a threat to everyone else, and 2)  to break through the wall that was built to protect that world from outside influence.
Covid-19 crisis draws haredi community to Internet
Existential need is leading to one of the fastest processes of Internet adoption we have ever seen.

"In the face of the coronavirus threat, haredi society is experiencing tectonic shifts in many respects, all of them pushing it to greater use of the many digital means that up to now had hardly penetrated this community. Now, existential need is leading to one of the fastest processes of Internet adoption we have ever seen. The huge increase in network usage figures, alongside a sharp rise in new subscribers, is evidence of widespread rapid adoption. Moreover, an in-depth survey that we carried out indicates that the haredi community will continue to use these tools even after the pandemic is over, which means that we are talking about a deep change that will influence the haredi way of life, broaden the community's connection to the general population, and contribute to economic growth."

78% of the community report that they are currently using the Internet more than in the past, with women spending more time on the Internet than men, and 26% of haredi parents say that their children aged 13-18 have increased their usage.
The secular media loves the "Modern" Chareidim... 
No longer taboo: Haredim enter high-tech

Spooks with tzizit: Mossad, Shin Bet, cyber haredi agents speak for first time

From IDF to hi-tech: Haredim build EW system

Haredi Women Know The Secret for Success in Hi-Tech

The State of Israel pushes "integration" into the army and the workforce in order to assimilate Jews into "Israeli" culture.  But, it's not just the Chareidim. The NWO requires that everyone on the planet be connected.  This is to be their main means of control.

Connecting for Inclusion: Broadband Access for All
Broadband (or high-speed) internet access is not a luxury, but a basic necessity for economic and human development in both developed and developing countries.

It is a powerful tool for the delivery of essential services such as education and healthcare, offers increased opportunities for women's empowerment and environmental sustainability, and contributes to enhanced government transparency and accountability. It also helps foster the social development of communities, including within the broader global context.

The challenge is to expand broadband access to all: GLOBAL INTERNET BEGINS 

(Part 4: Battle for Jerusalem)


  1. This is both "Propaganda" from the NWO and the Erev Rav, and Old News since the NWO and the Erev Rav have been trying to corrupt the Charidim since the 1920s both in Israel and in the Diaspora. This is a constant test for everyone. It is time to take a break from the internet, Newspapers and the "Mainstream Media" where ever they are.

  2. If you think this started in the 1920s, please consider reading A Divine Madness based on the writings of Rav Avigdor Miller...

  3. Take it for what it is (given the source), but it's an example of the greater war against Hashem and control for His world...