19 April 2021


7 Iyyar 5781
Day 22 of the Omer

(See Part 1: Introduction)

According to the NWO, Torah Judaism, as it has been handed down to the Jews since Har Sinai, is a racist, divisive, intolerant, radical and extremist religion, and that is solely because it was misunderstood and misinterpreted by the Jews.  Here are some of their main problems with it...

Torah Judaism says...

God made a covenant with Avraham which was passed down to Yitzchak and from him to his son Ya'aqov and through him to his twelve sons who were the heads of the tribes of Israel.  That covenant sets the rules by which mankind, both Jew and non-Jew, may relate to the One God.  Nothing else is acceptable.

Globalism (NWO) says...

All faiths are equal and legitimate pathways to the same God and no one may claim otherwise.  To do so is divisive, intolerant and hateful.

Torah Judaism says...

God confirmed that covenant and established the entire nation of Israel as a unique, holy and treasured people at Har Sinai with the giving of the Torah, which though offered to the other nations, was subsequently rejected by them.  

Globalism says...

There is only one race - the human race, and only one family - the family of Man.  ALL are the Children of God.  The Torah was given to all mankind.  There is no difference between a Jew and any other human being.  This idea of uniqueness, of "chosenness," has been the source of unnecessary intolerance and divisiveness for millenia, as are the dietary laws, etc.

Torah Judaism says...

The Land of Israel belongs solely to the Jews and no foreign religion may be practiced there and no non-Jew may live there unless they agree to abide by the Noahide laws and be subject to the Jews through tribute and servitude.  They are barred from any position of authority and have no political rights.

Globalism says...

Israel must recognize the right of any person to citizenship in the Land of Israel with full recognition of  their "democratic" rights, with no distinctions between Jew and non-Jew, and full protection for their (false) religions and (un)holy places.

Torah Judaism says...

Idolatry is such a serious crime against God that it is one of the sins a Jew must forfeit his life for rather than violate.

Globalism says...

There is no such thing as idolatry since every religion worships only one God, even though they may call Him by a different name and may also worship different manifestations of Him, God forbid!

This just hits the high points, but you get the drift.  The War for our Minds is to convince the Jews to give up traditional Torah Judaism and ascribe to a New Torah for a New World.  It is shocking to see how far this goal has succeeded.  The secular Jewish public, the Reform, the Conservative and most Modern Orthodox, as well as a large percentage of the National Religious public in Israel have already gone over to the dark side insomuch as they have embraced the globalist values and you can see their willingness to guarantee democratic rights to non-Jews in the Land of Israel and to agree to - even celebrate - "co-existence" with our enemies.

The last bastion of real Torah Judaism rests with those Jews who have a chareidi hashkafa (worldview).  That is why we've seen all-out war declared on the chareidi communities throughout the year of Corona.

(Part 3:  Battle for Judaism)

NOTE:  The Hebrew term, translated into English as idolatry, is Avodah Zarah - Foreign Worship; meaning anything that the Creator has not commanded.

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  1. Great work.
    My guess is you're eventually going to have to define a 'chareidi hashkafa', and it won't be easy.
    Lots of chareidim maintain a quasi-statist outlook, are accomodative of non-Jews in EY, and are anything but 'separatist' in outlook.
    Likewise, there's many a Jew in knitted kippot who adhere to the hashkafa you're pointing to, but could easily be considered non-chareidi because of the absence of black and white levush.
    Is it fair to ask you to take on that task?
    Dean Maughvet

  2. PREVIEW FROM PART 3: "I should clarify that not everyone with a chareidi worldview lives in a chareidi enclave. And not everyone who lives in a chareidi enclave and dresses "chareidi" actually holds to a chareidi worldview."

  3. Menachem Herman19/4/21 11:02 PM

    My wife and I really appreciate your posts!
    Wouldn't it clearer for all the readers to simply label the outlook you are trying to describe as the "Torah Worldview", or the "Emuna Mindset"? When the word Chareidi is used, it seems to push the conversation to politics, groups, etc, when that in fact is NOT your intention.
    Rebi Nachman says that the main part of Gog and Magog is the war against Emuna.
    So, "Emuna Worldview" or "Emuna Mindset" seems like a better phrase to use in your posts.
    Please correct me if I'm wrong.
    We need to bring each other closer, learn to respect each other, and not focus on external differences.
    We need to compliment each other, seek to bond, not to cause separation between us who all have the same goals and aspirations.
    Let's not cause any further dissension. Let's strengthen our unity. Thank you.

  4. Such a shame that you have to explain to our people the most basic principles of Torah Judaism given to us at Har Sinai. There should be no reason to explain that the nwo is amaleik (nachash, sitra achra) and there can never ever be a reason to debate anything; there was a time not too long ago where the gedolei hador had the respect of the masses and they paskened that to even debate with the notzrim or any religion was ASSUR. But, unfortunately, we live at a time when the remnants of our people are in shambles and who have no idea, even within the so-called religious world, that falling prey in the slightest way to all the heresy and G-Dlessness of their world view is really unforgivable. As long as we have so many Erev Rav rabbis and those at the top of leadership, a supreme court which do everything they can to completely water down Torah, how can we have the power to influence the lost souls within the Jewish people? The answer is Moshiach! But, guess we have to keep on trying to win over the ones who can think straight and even saving one soul is like saving the world. H' Yerachem!

  5. Basically, its lucis trust versus the Torah kedosha.

    The greatest trick the satan ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.