"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

21 April 2021


9 Iyyar 5781
Day 24 of the Omer

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"...for out of Zion shall the Torah come forth, and the word 
of the Lord from Jerusalem."   (Micah 4.2)

But not if the NWO has its way.  The Torah given at Har Sinai does not suit them.  It is being replaced with a global philosophy represented and promoted by things like this...

The Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem, a Simon Wiesenthal Center Museum, is a 185,000 sq. ft. campus in the heart of Jerusalem. The Museum will celebrate the vibrancy of Israel’s democracy by promoting universal respect and co-existence and will deal with the vital issues of the 21st century. Designed to serve visitors of all ages, religions, and cultural backgrounds from throughout the region and the world, the Museum will encourage democracy, promote regional stability and global harmony, combat the roots of extremism and anti-Semitism and advance tolerance and human dignity for all..

...The Social Lab features cutting-edge, interactive exhibits highlighting issues of the day such as anti-Semitic hate, racism and bigotry, extremism, terrorism, illegal immigration, eco-terrorism, the global refugee crisis, climate change, economic inequity, the role of religion in society, hate speech, the influence of social media, coexistence and gender equality. (Source)

Does this sound like any kind of "museum" you've ever seen before?  Or is it an indoctrination center, particularly one where school children will go on compulsory visits?  And why Jerusalem?  This is not even an Israeli initiative, but a foreign one.

...Many of the exhibits are centered on experiencing ideas rather than objects, and some of the approaches pioneered in LA are being brought to Jerusalem, including the Social Lab, where visitors will be challenged to confront various ideas and prejudices.

...Hier indicated that Israelis would have limited input.

“If you’re asking whether the Israelis will have the final say on all the content, absolutely not. This is a world museum and we’re consulting with people all over the world. It’s the Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem, meaning that we’re consulting with world Jewry and non-Jews,” he said.

That makes perfect sense if your goal is to create a central place from which to disseminate propaganda - experientially - to the people in the region who are least likely to accept the NWO agenda without major brainwashing.  And Jerusalem, like Judaism and the Torah, are targets for corruption, to recreate them as universalist and non-exclusionary, so as to destroy the basis upon which the Truth is established and from which is spreads out to the rest of the world.  They have to shut off that outflow in order to complete their takeover and consolidate their power.

(Part 5:  Battle for the Children)

For more about their plans for Jerusalem, please see here:


  1. The Rav in my weekday shul announced today after Mincha that he encourages taking the vaccine. He said it's one's hishtadlus. Not sure if he just meant that if that's what you feel you need to do, then that's YOUR hishtadlus. Either way it's very upsetting that most Rabbis don't have the courage to say the vaccine is untested and potentially very dangerous. I need chizuk so badly! I go to minyan to escape this insanity, and now I'm finding it there too.

    The Rav in my Shabbos shul who I thought was so courageous for allowing half the kehilla to walk due to his anti-mask stance, even continuing the minyan in his own backyard–informed me he got the vaccine!! What is this madness??! Everywhere I turn there's bilbul, rishus, and betrayal.

  2. Anonymous@9:00AM - It's a very, very hard test, for everybody. I was holding onto this til I finished the series, but it sounds like you could use it now. This is the best I've heard on the subject. If you don't have time to hear the whole thing, at least get the first ten minutes.


    1. This youtube video has already been voice scrambled (censored) by YouTube. The doctors voice is the only thing thats been scrubbed. The music intro and the interviewer asking questions are both clear.. Thats how you know this video has the truth.. Download it before its taken off. (If you listen with headphones though for some reason his voice isn't scrambled)

  3. In his book 'A Divine Madness', Rav Avigdor Miller describes the scenery of European Jewry in 150 year period leading up to the holocaust. The picture seems to be repeating itself with the anti-Torah powers-that-be in the Holy Land of Israel; they obviously haven't learnt the lesson.

  4. BASIC Question ANYONE should ask. Follow the Money. Follow the Money. Follow the Money. WHO is FINANCING This Monstrosity ??? WHO here gave Them the Permits to build Their Tower of Bubbela's Babble ??? This is the American Jewish Shelemiels in Suits "Jew" Crew Edifice Complex on Adrenochrome and Steroids. Again, FOLLOW THE MONEY.

  5. First, to Anon @9:00 am: Remember that Chazal tell us that now at the end of days, most rabbis will be of the Erev Rav. Even if one is an honest 'Jewish' rabbi, he just might be pressured to the point where he is fearful of the powers for a number of reasons or just goes with the flow. The answer is simple when so much 'real' information has been published and if one just uses his own 'intelligent brain', the answer is so simple. Also, since when do intelligent people believe what memshalot tell them. They care about you like you care about the rodents in the field. Just from all the data on these great posts, you have your answer right in front of you!
    H' is testing us, so choose right!

  6. These plans were put in place (for real) since the vulture started it going years ago. The 'state' is definitely under foreign control and that's what they want for the rest of the world also. The idea that the injections started from the 'state' is a perfect indication of that. We are very close to the end of history, H' will take care of that; believe this is the War of Gog u'Magog and soon the nations will make their move and we pray it will all be over in a matter of minutes, once and for all. Our people (all) need to wake up so they do not get caught up with our sonim and receive the same fate as them. These are frightening times and am sorry to say that most Jews have no idea of what's happening; that's how far gone they are. I pray they wake up! Nibiru?!

  7. To be very clear I'm absolutely against this poison.

  8. B Labinsky, I saved it and uploaded it HERE.

  9. Leah, what does that mean? I clicked both links and both work fine for me.