05 September 2018

"Coming Together as One Despite Our Differences"

25 Elul 5778

The World of Lies seems to be reaching its zenith as we've got a lot of fakes going around right now. False flags, fake news and now, we are privileged to hear again from our own fake Sanhedrin which is apparently ready to carry out the One World agenda.


God forbid that all the nations will come and join with us and each will worship his own god in his own way all together in this most holy place!!! God forbid!!

I only first heard about it after the fact, yesterday to be precise. What concerns me is that it was purportedly "hosted" by the "Nascent Sanhedrin" who allegedly recruited a known Christian missionary to help organize it.

The website says...
All Nations On Earth Can Participate In This Great Celebration And Gather Together For This Special Occasion. If You Can’t Be There By Person You Are Welcome To Join Us At The Livestreaming Of The Concert.
And it gives three options: Purchase Tickets, Purchase Viewing, Secured Donations

To be fair, it does make very clear that this praise and worship is directed to the Creator, the ONE God of Israel, but it welcomes non-Jews who they have to know will be praising and worshiping a different god.

Missionary Christine Darg announced on her website that Christians (who worship JC as their god) were specifically invited and that another long-time missionary, "Pastor" David Decker, was asked to "coordinate participation from the nations."
"This week Jerusalem Pastor David Decker appeared in a video with some of the rabbis from the 71-member Sanhedrin to promote the concert as a global event."

Who Is David Decker?

Believe it or not, the same misguided person who brought us Kimberly Rogers-Brown has recently introduced Decker to Jewish readers of Breaking Israel News. (Obviously not a good judge of character)...

"Pastor" David Decker is an unrepentant idolater who has dedicated his life to converting Jews in Eretz Yisrael for the last 38 years and has raised a new generation to follow in his footsteps (not unlike Tommy Waller).
“I would go with a megaphone, with my bumbling Hebrew and I would stand on street corners in downtown Tel Aviv, preaching the gospel.”

...Decker resigned from his street pulpit and began a messianic congregation in the Tel Aviv area, where he served as the pastor. “We were very respectful of Jewish customs. That was part of my learning curve.” As he developed a greater sensitivity to the Jewish perspective, “I realized this wasn’t the best way to do it either.”

...He had support from his missionary board in the US who encouraged him to stay in Israel and to, “Go a different way. Learn more about the Jewish way. Do works of love. Don’t be so preachy. Learn from the Jewish people. Maybe there’s another way to dialogue with them.”

...In 2004, the newly formed Knesset Christian Allies Caucus reached out to Decker and gave him an assignment – help them build their database of Christian Zionists worldwide. “Now I was doing real Jewish-Christian relations at a high level.

...From there, he went on to help form Covenant Alliances which facilitated Christian Zionists to connect with Israel, with members of the Israeli Knesset and with the Jewish roots of their faith.

...“After six years, I felt like I wanted to get to know ultra-Orthodox Jews. I needed to learn from them. With the help of Hashem (God), I started to meet the most ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel.” Decker, who learned Hebrew in his early years in Israel, began delving even more deeply into his studies about the Sanhedrin and the key role it will play at the end of days.

...“For Christians to have an impact on the world at all, they have to get this relationship with Jews right. ...We all want Moshiach ben David (Messiah, son of David). We will dance and rejoice together."
[See more from Jewish Israel.]

Let's be honest here. Everybody understands that when he says "we all want Moshiach ben David," he's talking about JC and the Jews certainly do NOT want him!

Obviously, after 38 years of living in Israel and relating to Jews of every stripe, he is still looking for the magic bullet that will win the Jews over to the Christian side. After all this time under the influence of kedushah, he is still convinced of the righteousness of Christianity.

If he hasn't given it up by now, he's not going to. And it's proper to question the wisdom of a 'Sanhedrin' that would appoint him to act as their agent. It's not a 'Sanhedrin' whose authority I could ever accept.

Day of Global Jewish(?) Unity

We missed out on this particular opportunity to "join together," but you'll have another chance this Friday as the Global Jewish Unity event is invaded by more Christian usurpers latching on.
...This year’s Yom Limud and Tefillah is the 4th such event. Jews from all walks of life, spanning five continents will gather together on Friday, 27 Elul/September 7 to invoke rachmei shomayim in advance of the approaching Rosh Hashana.

...This year, a groundbreaking article has already been featured on Fox News where former Presidential Candidate and former Governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee calls on all people to emulate the Chofetz Chaim, and be “be kind, courteous and always civil.” He also asks everyone to take time on that day to pray for peace and the continued prosperity of Israel and all mankind.  (Source)
The following are his exact words as regards his call to unity...
He writes, “On Sept. 7, I will be joining people across the globe to pray for peace and stability in Israel and for a return to civility for all mankind.

“Each year, Acheinu – the outreach arm of the nonprofit educational organization Dirshu – holds a Day of Jewish Unity. On this day, individuals – Jews and non-Jews alikeare asked to come together and promise to be kinder and more caring, while praying for peace.

“There are too many forces in our world trying to destroy the Jewish people and the Holy Land, but Jews need to stay strong and united – and we must join them.”

... “On Sept. 7, please join me in praying to G-d [for them that would be JC] for peace and the continued prosperity of Israel and all mankind. (Source)
This is, of course, the same Mike Huckabee who endorses a missionary organization intent on converting Jews to Christianity...

A popular news site that by all indications champions the coming together of Jews and non-Jews, and which shall remain unmentionable on this blog, reports that in addition to Huckabee, "financier Anthony Scaramucci, and TV commentators, Noelle Nikpour, Danielle McLaughlin, Esq. and Lee Carter" are also onboard.

They are making it all about them. This is all about Eisav grasping onto Ya'aqov for survival because his time is finished. It won't help him.


  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oi417wJdzWc

  2. From the start, I felt something was wrong about the setting up of a Sanhedrin, just like I don't like those who are pushing to build the Beit HaMikdash and preparing the gold utensils, etc. This has been, obviously, from the start, their agenda to build the tumah of this nwo one religion, c'v. Believe that many of the higher ups in the knesset; the hierarchy of the IDF and the whole pagan supreme court have been and are all part of this chilul of chilulei H'. This whole scenario is like science fiction. Also, what comes to mind is I, really believe, that almost half of the Jewish population in Israel (as well as elsewhere) are not Jews; otherwise, they would never ever be part of such a sinful scam.

  3. Someone I know sent this blog post to Prof. Weiss, featured in the video above standing with David Decker, and asked him "Is this report about the Sanhedrin correct?"

    He replied, "Of course not. I am now at Uman. You can read what is true." And he included this BIN article which I would not normally link to, but you need to see it. It is the most damning information yet.

    Creation Concert: Prophecy Revealed as Nations Recognize Sanhedrin

    1. 1) This self-appointed Sanhedrin has no authority to act in the name of Klal Yisrael

      2) These "representatives" of the nations are not authorized by their people or governments to act on their behalf either.

      More "show" - more "fake news" - but when it involves HKB"H and His Torah, His Land and His People, look out!