27 April 2021


15 Iyyar 5781
Day 30 of the Omer

This is what I've had the hardest time getting across to my fellow Jews about the Christians...

THEY LIE!!!!!! 

Learn this if nothing else!

My apologies to anyone who saw the Rabbi Singer video previously posted here and who might have been offended.  I did not properly vet it before posting and when I did, it offended me, so...

Here is a new article with even more important details, including other current examples of these activities.


  1. Why is this so hard for Jews to understand. For Christians who believe they are "saving" souls from the Heavenly Gas Chambers and Ovens, to LIE to "save" a soul is not only permitted, but OBLIGATORY. For them it is Sacred Holy Lying. Lying for their "god" to "save" Jewish Souls from Eternal Damnation. Also, it is important for Jews to understand what that "Damnation" MEANS. When we were murdered by the Nazis, and put in Gas Chambers and Ovens, the murder process was over in a few minutes. In Lovely Christian Theology, nothing is over in a few minutes. The Jew CHOKES in Those Heaven Sent Gas Chambers, and BURNS in Those Heaven Sent Ovens, FOREVER, UNTIL ALL ETERNITY. By comparison, the Nazi Physical Extermination Program looks pretty humane, when compared with the Christian Physical Extermination Program.

  2. Hi

    I didn't watch the video of Rabbi Singer, can you give me a gist of it please, thanks

  3. Torah Inspired and anyone else interested, I'll link to the video below, but be aware it includes this faker praying to in Yeshu's name for Jews (and Muslims) to convert. I can't stand hearing it and I don't think it was necessary to include it.

    Shocker! Rabbi Tovia Singer Exposes Missionary Posing as Hassidic Rabbi in Jerusalem!

    Unfortunately, Rabbi Reuven's piece also included the clip, but his condemnation of the "investigators" is spot on...

    What You Don't Know Will Hurt You (5:27- 19:20)

    JPost is late to the party, but they have even more details and the first comment on their article today points up the tragic consequences of this terrible episode and one can only cringe at the thought of what would have been had this not finally come to light. Hashem yerachem!!

    Haredi ‘rabbi’ accused of being a covert Messianic missionary

    Something else I feel compelled to say here. I feel a lot of compassion for this community - a lot! - but knowing how HKB"H works, it has to be pointed out that this nissayon came to this particular community because it was vulnerable. Those involved, those affected need to do a cheshbon hanefesh to figure out why and make the needed corrections.

  4. What was offensive about Rabbi Singer's video?

  5. Anonymous@9:05AM - See my answer above to Torah Inspired.