25 April 2021


14 Iyyar 5781
Pesach Sheini
Day 29 of the Omer 

On what should be a happy day, we have some devastating news that has to be shared.  The story is breaking all over the Jewish media and blogosphere...

SHOCK IN JERUSALEM: American Chareidi Resident Of French Hill Is A Christian Missionary; Was “Kohen” And “Sofer Stam”

One source I read says he has disappeared again, so this information must be shared widely (and not just via the internet!) in order to reach every place where he might find shelter once again.  

* * *

Apparently, some segments of American Orthodoxy have sunk so low that a goy need not pretend to be a Jew to be treated as a full member of the Tribe.  The sons of "Bishop" Robert Stearns* were bar-mitzvah at an "Orthodox" synagogue this past Shabbat in the Hamptons, NY. [*If you don't know who he is, see here.]

This announcement proves that those members who attended knew what they were coming to celebrate and apparently had no problem with it.

Christian sons of a missionary putting on tefillin with the help of "Orthodox" rabbis.

We're becoming ONE, isn't it wonderful???! 

If HKB"H did not hold back the Holocaust from Europe due to their assimilation, how can American Jews escape His justice when they bear even worse guilt - knowingly bringing idolatrous goyim - outright missionaries - into the synagogue to celebrate a major lie -  that this goy's Christian sons would be accepting the yoke of the covenant!!  Not even possible!!