27 April 2021

Critical Information You May Have Missed

15 Iyyar 5781
Day 30 of the Omer

The Covid Con Game and End Game  (H/T Y.Butterfield)


  1. My friend, a young woman, is in the hospital for the second week in a row after vaxx, a mother for 4 little children. lea

  2. I pray now every day for all those who ran to vaccinate and still don't seem to understand the obvious implications of this rishus perpetrated on the world. May H' have RACHAMIM on every Yiddishe neshama and all good peoples who have been so misled as to fall into this trap and give them a special immunity neged this evil. Amen!

    The one thing, especially in these times of so much information, I am still bewildered at the gullibility of those who didn't see this from the start. There's where BITACHON in H'KBH kicks in. To place one's trust in doctors is something that's difficult to understand, when half of them are not to be trusted and only the good half who believe their mission on earth is to heal and to care for humanity are those who will have a portion in the World to Come!

  3. Anonymous 6:18 PM - Absolutely! Bitachon and emunah are skills that need to be honed every day and from a young age. I see such a failure in chinuch in all this. It's considered silly to bring Hashem into the equation nowadays, Rachmana litzlan!

  4. Anonymous 11:10 AM - Can you provide her full name for tefilla?

  5. Her name Sarah bat Valia, thank you for your prayers. leah