25 June 2017

From Avraham to Yitzchak to Ya'aqov - Yishmael and Eisav Not Included

Tamuz 5777
Rosh Chodesh

Poor Avraham Avinu. So many false ideas are being laid at his feet in these last days of the World of Lies.

Listen to what Yishai Fleisher says to Adnan Oktar on his recent visit to Turkey...

Avraham Avinu was a radical extremist in his time. The Ivri! He stood on one side with HKB"H against the entire world on the other. Nimrod, the one who instigated the building of the Tower of Bavel - the first attempt at a New World Order without HKB"H - was Avraham Avinu's nemesis. Now, they are attempting to bring all the religions together for the final attempt at a New World Order and they will dare to do it in the name of Avraham Avinu!! The one who did not even withhold his only son from slaughter at HKB"H's command?? Really??!!
Abrahamic Faiths Peacemaking Initiative (AFPI)
As Jewish, Christian and Muslim people we find common ground in our common origin. We are followers of Abraham, committed to the human family and therefore adhere to a common core of ethical standards. We shall pursue friendship, peace and justice. We will speak out against all forms of prejudice, hatred, and discrimination.
We shall stand for the religious pluralism and mutual understanding that undergird the resilience of America.
How unseemly that a representative of the Jewish Community in Hevron, the City of our Patriarchs will go and totally mis-represent our forefather and all that he stood for. Professor Jon Levenson's book Inheriting Abraham opens up a discussion on this topic.
...In Inheriting Abraham, Jon Levenson, the Albert A. List Professor of Bible at Harvard’s Divinity School, throws cold water on the mutual-understanding campfire. Misunderstanding is not what divides the image of Abraham in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the misnomered “Abrahamic religions”; on the contrary, the founders of the younger religions well understood Abraham’s role in Judaism. St. Paul’s transformation of Abraham into the father of all who believe, and the Quran’s recasting of Abraham as a Muslim prophet who prefigured Muhammed, both rejected the Jewish version by design, by inventing their own Abrahams to serve their own doctrinal purposes.
Through published excerpts and interviews, Levenson has been drawing attention to his most provocative conclusion: that it is wrong to present Abraham as a unifying figure who transcends the differences among Christians, Jews, and Muslims. The progressive wings of Christianity as well as Judaism have a great deal invested in this reassuring claim, and Levenson’s devastating refutation of the “three Abraham religions” thesis will be unwelcome. He makes short work of pop theologians like Bruce Feiler, whose best-selling book on the patriarch claims that “Abraham belongs to all of humanity” and that “the carefully balanced message of the Abraham story [is] that God cares for all his children—a tradition that existed for hundreds of years before the religions themselves existed.” Feiler and his co-thinkers, Levenson observes, have essentially invented another Abraham—“a neutral Abraham who can be made to serve as a control on the Abrahams of the three traditions that are thought to derive from him.”
You can read the article in its entirety here


  1. I don’t understand what they see in that man (Adnan Oktar), and why they give him special treatment? What do they hope to accomplish through these ‘gifts’ to that man. These Jews are blind and lost in their ideology.

  2. I just watched the video and read the article, both linked herein. This man speaks as if his knowledge is supreme, with everyone else subservient to his Weltanschauung! No one should give any credence to this guy in the video with his kittens (are they really females? weird makeup). and he sits there and speaks to them??
    We just have to keep in mind our Holy Moshe Rabbeinu, who Hashem has called his most humble of men. The dichotomy is clear. And in the article, there is no proper respect toward G–D, Hashem, and His laws handed down from Sinai. This whole endeavor is another TEST.

  3. It's really simple for me to see what a big joke (junk religion) scenario they are trying to foist upon mankind. These so-called Jews with kippot on their heads obviously have no yirat Shamayim; otherwise, they would be frightened of what they are promoting and the consequences that it entails. The sin is huge. They either are shotim or, of course, one of these Erev Rav handlers. They are guilty of the sin of the Tower of Bavel (just being repeated in these days). Of course, the punishment this time will be much greater than it was for Nimrod and his followers. The world is being tested to see who is on the right side and l'havdil, who follows evil.

    If they would know any Torah, they would know that Avraham Avinu sent away his other children which were really considered his offspring; he sired them and sent them away with gifts. H' makes sure that we all understand that Avraham's only child is Yitzchak. His (Yitzchak) son, Esav, proves to be a rebellious son and the Torah points out that he and his uncle Yishmael are wicked. When Moshiach comes, there will be the Jewish people and the rest of the world will ALL be bnai Noach. That's it.


  4. Everyone should know that I posted in the coffee room, attempted 3 times, at The Yeshiva World, to tell posters to copy into the url tomer devorah user shirat devorah at youtuve for follow up comments to my OP AND THE MODERATOR REFUSED TO POST IT! something is fishy about that

  5. Yidele, very nice; however, Avraham sent those children to the East and with Kishuf, sorcery/magic, which became avoda zara, and it has spread over the entire earth. What is Kishuf-magic? and the Rambam’s laws on idol worship