28 April 2021


16 Iyyar 5781
Day 31 of the Omer

It has come to my attention that there is a lot of controversy right now on social media regarding the missionary family who infiltrated the community in French Hill.   Some examples include urging rachmanus for the sake of the children and expressed upset over the idea of exhumation of the woman's body since she was buried in the Cohanic section of a Jewish cemetery, among other things.  

Where is the outrage over the damage done to Jews?  The father and even the deceased mother of these children are criminals!  They perpetrated a fraud for years and swindled countless Jewish victims.  These crimes will reverberate for years!  By one report, an 8-yr-old Jewish child has already had to undergo a second brit! 

The kindest thing that can be done is to deport the entire family immediately, including the exhumed body of the mother/wife, although the father really should be prosecuted.  Stop already with the misplaced mercy.  This man spent years harming Jews with no regret at all and his family were his willing and enthusiastic accomplices.

And don't tell me they thought, in their warped way, that they were doing a good thing, according to their religion.  You can make the same claim for every goy that ever persecuted or murdered a Jew!  And don't let me hear anyone ever again say, "we have nothing against Christians or Christianity."  If you really don't, consider yourself a willful violator of the Torah.  


Nothing else comports with the Divine teaching of the Holy Torah!!  Nothing of them will be left in the World of Truth.

I want the mercy and compassion to be reserved for this fraudster's Jewish victims and more than that, I want justice to be done as well.

And I'll add one more thing.  I have nothing but utter contempt for the Jews who knew and kept silent for YEARS!  No excuse is acceptable!


  1. Yes. Our Sympathies should ALWAYS be with VICTIMS. NEVER with PERPETRATORS. The Jew is afflicted by Spiritual Stockholm Syndrome, the result of centuries of unending and unrelenting persecution by The Church. That is why Yours Truly is building this blog:


    From Gospel to Gas Chamber
    1900 Years Of the MASS Murder, MASS Torture and MASS Vilification Of The Christ-Killing Kikes and Deicide-Murdering Yids of Classical Christian Theology in Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and State Protestant Lands Culminating in the Nazi German Attempted "Final Solution" to Christianity's "Jewish Problem" in the Black Heart and Golgotha Graveyards of "Christian" Europe. Thus Says The God Of Israel: Isaiah 63:9 "In all Their affliction He was afflicted and the Angel of His Presence saved Them"


  2. Go, girl! ��
    With you completely.
    Dean Maughvet

  3. Does anyone know what is going on with Rabbi Anava? Since he got blocked on YouTube, it seems he posted a small amount of videos on Vimeo, but that seems to have stopped as well...

  4. Anonymous@2:37PM...

    I, for one, do not know any more than you do on this matter. Rabbi Anava is sorely missed.

  5. Regarding Islam and other religions, isn't it mutar to enter a mosque, since it's not considered avoda zara (whereas the prevailing opinion is that it's assur to enter a church)?

    1. Dear AY,
      It's mutar to enter a public bathroom, as well.
      And it's even preferable to entering a mosque because there's no issue of maret ayin.
      Stay out of mosques.
      And use only the cleanest of public bathrooms.
      Dean Maughvet

  6. AY...

    Regarding the vaccine, aren't there "big" rabbis who say we are obligated to take it and other equally "big" rabbis who warn against it?

    There is a built-in system in this world which allows for free will choice and having "sources" on both "sides" of any issue is critical to maintaining that free will choice.

    The majority of people look for permission to do what they have already judged is right, regardless of what the Torah says and conveniently, there are rabbis and sources they can find to rely upon.

    But, common sense tells you that even if a false religion has only one god at the center of it, if it's not the One Living God/Creator of All, then it's not kosher by the Torah. Islam's god is not our God. It calls upon its faithful to seek out Jews to kill. And by claiming Yishmael was offered instead of Yitzchak, they deny the Torah right out of the gate.

    Why would you need to go inside a mosque anyway? What possible reason could justify it?

  7. Re: your post, I agree 100% that any compassion here is misplaced.

    And anyone who kept silent once this was verified is complicit in this. אם לא יגיד ונשא עונו.

  8. Any chupah performed by this rasha was not a chupah. Therefore any children born to such a couple are mamzers.
    Any bris performed by this rasha was not a bris. So these men have to get hatafas dam bris.
    Any sofrus is posul. So people who have sofrus from this rasha were not mikaiyem mitzvahs mezuzah etc.

    And on and on.

    In ancient times the beit din would probably give din misa on the idol worshippers leading jews astray.
    I garantee that if we did that today the missionary problem would go away overnight.

    The very least we can do is NOT have rachmanus on any of them children included.

  9. Regarding Rav Anava, go to his atzmut site, you can sign up to a mailing list and to whatsapp.

    The same stupid argument is used to protect child abusers, but what about his wife/children they cry. If you carry it to its logical end, why bother with criminal justice at all, and for that matter civil justice, as most people have children. They should have considered them before they engaged in their nefarious activities.

    To Anon 9.00pm, excellent comment.

    I know we're in the last generation before the geula shleima but the reality is so depressing, not just missionaries, but jewish enabled, nay rabbi enabled missionaries, the flooding of the country with all and sundry, just not actual jews who for the most part refuse to make aliya, rocketing global antisemitism including a new dreyfus case, an orwellian vocabulary imposed on us aimed at tearing down the most basic aspects of the creation and the concept of truth itself and on it goes. Each new outrage is just another manifestion of the overall assault on everything that is true and kadosh.

  10. Anonymous@12:16AM - It's my understanding that mamzerim come only from adulterous relationships.

  11. Elisheva @ 12:31, I have signed up for Rabbi Anava's email list and visited his website - I have not seen any new content for quite some time. There have been some emails, but none of them include new lectures...

  12. AY - this is not the place for such an in-depth discussion. And furthermore, it is off-topic to boot. You just prove my point that sources can be brought for whatever position you wish to take.

    I will say that in regards to the Me'arat Hamachpelah complex, that it was not built as a mosque. It was a place of Jewish prayer for millenia before Islam came into existence.

  13. Devorah Chayah, having read so many of your posts, I have tremendous respect and appreciation for you and your thoughts and writing and I did not intend to come here and argue with you. I don't think it was off topic, but you also have the responsibility to manage this space as you see best. There certainly there are reliable halachic authorities on each side of the discussion. If we go back far enough, we can find support for almost any position we wish to take - I don't think relying on the Rambam (and Rav Ovadia Yosef) is a big stretch to say someone is seeking out an opinion to support my own feelings. Ultimately, my only intention was really meant to be about the comment regarding gentile followers of other religions that "Nothing of them will be left in the World of Truth." I just think that non-Jews who were brought up indoctrinated into a certain religion, but whose religion is monotheistic and through following it they don't transgress any of the 7 Noahide laws, I do think they'll be embarrassed, but they'll have an opportunity to recognize their error and commit to serving Hashem properly - without being obliterated from the World of Truth. Certainly the religions are false and will be exposed for the lies that they are, IY"H very soon.

  14. AY, please let this be the end of this particular discussion. It is not one that I enjoy and not one that I believe is pertinent to the subject at hand.

    ...the comment regarding gentile followers of other religions that "Nothing of them will be left in the World of Truth."

    AY, if you re-read more carefully, you will see that I was referring to the false religions and not to the adherents of them. As for who gets a share in the world to come, that is for Hashem alone to decide - not for me to condemn, nor for you to excuse.