09 April 2021

"The Priestly Service Begins"

27 Nissan 5781
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Sh'mini - Mevorchim
Day 12 of the Omer

Excerpted from the Stone Edition Chumash Commentary...

At the end of the previous Sidrah, Aaron and his sons were instructed to remain at the Tent of Meeting for seven full days while Moses performed the inauguration service, which began on the twenty-third of Adar.  Each day for seven days, Moses erected the Tabernacle, performed the entire service himself, and disassembled the Tabernacle when the service was done.  The inauguration period climaxed with the consecration of Aaron and his sons as Kohanim on the eighth day.  From that moment onward, only Kohanim were eligible to perform the Tabernacle service.  This chapter begins on the first day of Nissan, the eighth day of the inauguration service.  On that day, the Tabernacle was erected permanently and the Kohanim assumed their new role.  This Sidrah describes the special service the newly consecrated Kohanim performed on the day they achieved their new status.


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