19 October 2017

"A Life Well Lived"

29 Tishrei 5778

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe this one will make an impression.

Life in this world can be compared to virtual reality. When you are inside the illusion, it can seem very real. It can seem like the only reality there is since one is blind to the world around him while he is inside it.

But, the day comes when we "wake up" to that true reality and I'm sure it is a shocking experience. Better for us if we can keep this in mind every day - that this world we can see now is an illusion created for us to determine who will be worthy to enter and live in the real world that is to come.


  1. But Jewish life is actually far more pathetic and decadent than that virtual reality...
    Their virtual reality is based on barbie houses, money, materialism, world-famous toys, mundane adventures, honor and pride, egoism, arrogance, greed etc and on...
    But once that plug is pulled, the they will panic and start to fall apart and they better get really really serious or they will fall so hard and they will never rise again

    But thank heaven there are Jews now that understand what is going on and are already yearning for the truth and the new world that is clean, organized, truth and has no evil and those will all be ready to drop all this for what waits them on the other side.

  2. R' Avigdor Miller ztl explains why the yetzer hara fights more than anything about mentioning olam haba..


  3. BH

    I admire you Devash. Your knowledge. Your strenght.
    The strength and determination you show, according to the Torah, is our true.
    The way you write.
    Sara Adler from Mexico City
    PS:But from another Adler family!

    1. Thank you, Sara. :-) Chodesh tov! Shabbat shalom!

    2. What are you still doing in such a terrible place even after the earthquake and all the terrible people in the country? Pack them backs and get pick your behind to the land of Israel (not the Zionist state) and tell all Jews in mexico and america because you will not be able to leave in the end.!.

  4. I second Sara Adlers comment (both of them!)