06 October 2017

WAR ON SUKKOT! (Part 3 - A Necessary Diversion)

16 Tishrei 5778
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
First Day Chol Hamoed Sukkot

Part 2

Hayovel is closely associated with the Ephraimite movement. An intermarried messianic (Ephraimite) couple in Israel who spearhead the movement in Israel said the following about Tommy Waller and Hayovel...
..Ephraim is a new concept. If you introduce yourself to them, say that you are from the Ten Tribes, or believe that you are, and almost everyone, with very few exceptions, will just receive you, listen to you, and will not think that there is something strange or esoteric about that kind of presentation...."  
..."The larger it becomes, and the more known it becomes, and if there is a face representing this phenomenon... so for many of these Orthodox Jews, it's a very, very exciting turn of events. They would really see that as a major turn in history and the approach of a different era. It's very big." [You will see the truth of that statement in the next blog post.]
Tommy Waller and Hayovel are the "face" of the Ephraimite movement that is being presented to the Jewish world.

So, just what are "Ephraimites?" Here is how one of the early leaders describes it along with a cautionary warning to Jews...

...one only adds to the religious confusion of things by using the terms "Jews" and "Christians". These are words of separation and division. In a large sense, there are two groups who LIKE using these terms. They are Jews and Christians. Jews like these terms because they can say that they aren't Christian. Christians like these terms because they can say that they aren't Jews. These terms only perpetuate the exile.
If you want to NEVER end the exile then we should keep calling people "Jews" and "Christians".
The CORRECT Biblical term is the "house of Jacob". It was the "house of Jacob" who was at Mount Sinai (Exodus 19:3) who consisted of BOTH physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and those NOT physically descended from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (called the 'stranger' or 'ger' in the Torah).
...Biblically speaking, "Christians" are members of the "house of Jacob". Jews are members of the "house of Jacob". Christians see themselves as belonging to the REDEEMED house of Jacob while Jews belong to the PHYSICAL house of Jacob.
So, in reality, the "religious dispute" regarding being Jewish or Christian is actually a FAMILY dispute within the HOUSE OF JACOB wherein Jews refuse to recognize that "Christians" are members of the "house of Jacob" and Christians think that Jews don't have a modern covenant with the Almighty because they are not redeemed in Messiah.
This dispute perpetuates the exile.

Until we start talking about and speaking of Ephraim and Judah and accepting each other as Ephraim and Judah then the exile will last FOREVER because we have an exile MIND.
When we explain to the non-Jews who they are through the New Testament then they want to be called Ephraimites (a more accurate Biblical term) and not a Christian.
...When traditional Christians (Sunday church / Protestant) received the message, they began to ask themselves, "Who am I?" Biblically, am I a Christian?  Well, since the NAME of the family of Yeshua is the HOUSE OF JACOB (Luke 1:33) and since Yeshua made a covenant with the HOUSE OF JACOB then you must belong to the HOUSE OF JACOB through grafting or adoption. If you are not Jewish then you must belong to the non-Jewish side of the family which is Ephraim. Thus is how the modern awaking of Ephraim was born. It came from ACCURATELY teaching what the New Testament says and people seeing the TRUTH of what the New Testament REALLY says.

So, as more and more people began to understand the message, congregations, ministries and other teachers were raised up to proclaim the message. Orthodox Jews in Israel run into those claiming to be Ephraimites but for the most part give equal weight to those who claim to be Ephraimites or Ephraimite leaders.
... In Messiah, ALL non-Jews are adopted Israelites. In Romans 11:17, we are told that the wild branches (non-Jews) are GRAFTED to the olive tree (which is the house of Israel and the house of Judah ... Jeremiah 11:16-17).
So, there are Israelites who believe in Yeshua as the Messiah and Israelites who don't. IN Messiah, if you are non-Jewish then you are NOT a Gentile. You may be a non-Jew physically but you are Israel spiritually in Messiah.

...The New Testament teaches that you DON'T have to have a (Jewish) "conversion" to belong to the commonwealth of Israel. You just need to believe that Yeshua is the Messiah and you become adopted into HIS FAMILY which is the HOUSE OF JACOB. This would be the REDEEMED house of Jacob as opposed to the LITERAL house of Jacob. You can belong to the REDEEMED house of Jacob but NOT be from the physical house of Jacob. You can be from the physical house of Jacob and NOT be part of the REDEEMED house of Jacob.
Most Jews don't understand this because they don't take the time to read the New Testament, understand the New Testament or the beliefs of "Christianity". Instead, they prefer to only try to understand things from their own world view. So, as result, there aren't any bridges that are built to bring together Ephraim and Judah.
When the bridges AREN'T built then Ephraimites get frustrated at Judah and lose their patience and begin to act to do things to antagonize Judah.

... then Ephraim regards Judah as NOT building a bridge. So, in frustration, Ephraim starts to attack Judah and do things independently from Judah.
This is why we are STILL in exile and DON'T understand each other even though we are calling ourselves now Jews and Ephraimites.
By any other name - these are the same old idolatrous Christians we have been battling for 2000 years. Keep this in mind when you read my next blog post and (hopefully) things will begin to click into place.

Part 4

~ Shabbat shalom and moadim l'simchah! ~

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